hair color l'oreal exeliance palette

The hair color "Loreal Exelans", the palette of shades in this line and the reliability of the products will today become the object of our close attention.

Change in hair color, shading of gray hair - thisthe main functions that any hair dye should perform. The right shade and quality product guarantee a good final result. If the appearance will please the eye, then the mood will always be excellent. Modern advanced technological developments make it possible to produce paints that ensure gentle coloring of hair. Thanks to the new formulas, the structure of the hair does not collapse, and even, on the contrary, it is restored.

How to choose your tone

Shades from different manufacturers, as a rule,differ from each other. Even the same colors may look different on the hair. The undisputed leader in the production of paints intended for dyeing hair is the world-famous concern "Loreal". Hair color "Loreal Ekselans", a palette of all colors and shades is his qualitatively new "child". A series for hair of this category provides a firm and intensive coloration. There is also a paint from Loreal without ammonia and paint-mousse.

paint loreal exeliance palette

Hair color "Loreal Ekselans palette"

This series of paints guarantees totalpainting of gray hair. The color becomes saturated, bright and natural. Pro-Keratin, which is part of, is designed to protect hair and give it a natural healthy shine. The strength of the product is on average 6 weeks. The application is very light, the paint does not drain during operation and guarantees uniform coloring over the entire length. What is rich in hair color "Loreal Exelans"? The palette contains twenty natural shades for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women. That is, the series is aimed at all women and is able to please all the fair sex.

Paint "Loreal Exelans Palette 10 '"

It is also easily applied, but its mainThe advantage is the express method of staining. That is, the whole process of color rendering takes only 10 minutes. The ceramics contained in the paint will give softness and silky effect to your hair. The composition of this series includes 10 universal shades, which are also suitable for most women.

paint loreal exeliance palette reviews
Paint "Loreal Ekselans palette": customer reviews

Many consumers of hair colors consider the brand"Loreal" is a well-deserved favorite. This company is aimed not only at the paint coloring the hair, but also protects them from the harmful effects of water and sunlight. According to the unanimous opinion of customers, the product "Exelans" produced by the company "Loreal" is suitable for careful and accurate painting of gray hair.

They also appreciate the fact that the hair color "Loreal Ekselans palette" is applied directly to the hair. That is, it does not require pre-mixing of the components. In the tube is the finished mixture.

Composition of the kit sold in stores:

- hair dye «Loreal Ekselans palette»;

- Serum, which has a pleasant aroma (designed to prepare hair for staining);

- a nozzle-comb of the innovative form (it is intended for an even distribution of the coloring composition on the hair along the entire length).

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