Very often we need to findon the hard disk of a file or folder, which is exactly there, but we can not remember where exactly. We always have a file search in Windows 7. In order for us to find any objects on our computer, it will be enough to enter the name of the required directory or file into the start menu. After that, your device will search for the necessary information. Before you will be displayed the elements that contain in your title the query you entered or its parts.

search for files in Windows 7

But it will be fair to note that this is notalways enough to search for files in Windows 7 was a success. The above actions can not guarantee you that you will find the necessary information in your computer or laptop. There are cases when you need to find a document or documents that contain certain words in your title. For example, if you are looking for a name for free computer courses, but Seven by default, this function does not support.

Let's figure out how to configure in Windows 7search for files. To do this, you need to open your computer and on the left side click on the ordering tab, where you need to select options for folders and search.

Windows 7 file search

Before you open the settings and settings window, inwhich you need to click on the top of the search section and select the function of the permanent file search process by name and by content. In order for these parameters to take effect, confirm them with the "OK" button. If you did everything correctly, the system on your device will search the data not only by their names, but by the content. And it will not depend on what types of files in Windows 7 you are looking for.

Now let's check the work done. This must be done in order to make sure that everything we have now will truly work. For this purpose, it's necessary to open your computer again, where you need to enter the required word in the search field, which will be contained in the data you are looking for. As an example, let's try to find the data containing the key "qualitative". The search for files in Windows 7 starts immediately after the word or phrase has been entered in the field, that is, there is nothing to press or confirm for its beginning.

file types in Windows 7

Once your machine completes the search taskby the keyword you entered, below you will see a list of files in which the word "qualitative" will be entered. You also need to remember that after the end of your search, you need to change the settings (those that you put, to those that were by default). It is necessary to do this in order to reduce the search time in the future. After all, with the settings that we are talking about, it happens not only by the name of the data, but also by their content.

If you know roughly where the rightyou folder or file, then go to the directory in this directory and enter the information you need already there. Thus, the search for files in Windows 7 will be performed much faster. That's all I wanted to tell you. Use on health!

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