Settings as in Windows 7, as in the Mac OShide certain files, that is, make them unavailable for display when you view them on your computer. The files that the system hides are usually related to system files. If they are incorrectly modified, this can cause problems with the proper operation of the PC. However, hidden files may appear when loading certain types of software - sometimes during installation some files are automatically saved as hidden files. The user can also create hidden files at his own discretion.

hidden files

It may be useful from time to time to be able to see such files that are stored on your computer.

So, to show hidden files in Windows 7, you should follow the steps below:

Close all the programs completely when youare on the desktop. Select the "Start" button (this is a small round button located in the lower left corner of the screen that has a Windows check box). Click the control panel option in the menu.

When the control panel opens, click on the "Appearance and Personalization" tab.

Now click on the "Files and Folders" tab andmake the choice of the item about displaying hidden disks, folders and files, and enable this item. Then uncheck the checkboxes under the items about hiding extensions for files of registered type and protected system files. Then click "Apply" or "OK". Once this is done, the hidden files must become available for viewing.

show hidden files

To solve this problem in computers and laptops Apple should use a slightly different way:

- Go to the system address / Applications / Utilities /;

- then enter the commands listed below and you will be able to view the hidden files.

The default command should have the following form AppleShowAllFiles TRUE, type the Killall Finder command. This will help show the hidden Mac files.

What happens when you type the above command?

When you just use the above entry,the default is to simply show all the files, including hidden files, regardless of what settings were used. After entering Killall Finder a second time, the settings are reloaded, the changes take effect. Do not worry if the entire contents of the desktop disappear and reappear when you execute this command.

To hide them back, you need to make small changes in the above command. After that you can hide the system files again and continue your work.

show hidden files mac

By default, the entry should look like this: AppleShowAllFiles False, then enter Killall Finder.

Hidden files are returned back to their original position without any problems.

As you can see, all these tips areextremely simple and do not require any special knowledge. Performing this procedure from time to time, you can see the status of your computer and get rid of unnecessary and unused files. Just remember that it is desirable to hide these files after viewing and studying, as inadvertent deletion of certain data may lead to incorrect operation of the computer. Also, be careful when installing new programs - this will help to avoid unnecessary information on your PC.

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