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Not everyone knows how to hide objects in Windows. Many do not even suspect the existence of such a function, and therefore hide or, conversely, show the hidden files of Windows 7 - not quite a simple task for them. In such folders it is convenient to add any personal information that you would like to hide from public view or protect access to it, so as not to accidentally delete it. Also, many folders with system files are hidden by default. Hiding system files is a very important function, since if someone accidentally deleted such a file, the system could simply "die." It will have to be reinstalled. Also, removing hidden files can affect some programs. In principle, the process is not very complicated, but not very pleasant. If you are not afraid that you can inadvertently remove an unnecessary file or folder, you can turn on the display of hidden folders. However, this removes the whole meaning of the hidden files, since if they are still visible, there is no point in keeping them hidden.

If you enable visibility of hidden objects, theywill be displayed next to all other files. In appearance, the hidden files of Windows 7 differ only in that their icons (sketches) are almost completely transparent. Inside the hidden folders are regular files, but the root folders are still hidden.

show hidden files windows 7

Make Hidden Files in Windows 7 Visiblepretty easy. To display the hidden files of Windows 7, you should go directly to the control panel. Where it is, every user knows. On the "View" tab of "Folder Options", select "Show hidden files". Windows 7 is a very convenient operating system. And because, as you can see, this function is turned on very quickly and easily. There is another way to see the hidden files of Windows 7. Perhaps it is even easier. To do this, you need to select the "Tools" tab in the top menu of the browser, and then "Folder Options". Perhaps you do not see the top menu of the explorer. In this case, press the "Alt" key after the program is turned on.

You can also view hidden Windows 7 files andthe third way. It's quite simple. If you use the Total Commander file manager, you can use its functionality to see the hidden files of Windows 7. In the program menu, you need to select "Configuration", and after - "Settings". Select the "Panel Content" item in the left part of the window that appears. In the list of options on the left, tick the corresponding line. Remember that, including the display of hidden folders, you open access to system files, and if this computer is used by one of the children, this action can lead to an unsafe outcome.

display hidden files windows 7

Hidden folders are also associated with variousdevices connected to the computer. It is meant that often when you connect a player or phone to a PC, you can see that there are incomprehensible empty hidden folders on them. Their presence is not a problem, just control systems of these devices create various spare folders, placing temporary files in them. Usually, deleting such folders is effective only until the next time the device is turned on, since then they appear again.

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