On the computer of any user is storeda huge amount of information, while some may not be entirely intended for prying eyes. However, in the Windows operating system, there are no effective tools and tools to protect folders or individual files with passwords. That's why many are wondering how to secure the folder?

To solve this problem, a wholea number of utilities from various manufacturers, allowing you to effectively protect folders or files. Next, it will be told exactly how to store the folder, and what programs are most effective in this matter.

To achieve this goal there is a verysimple way out: you need to organize on your computer the use of accounts and access rights. That is, set the access rights to the data for the information owners and for everyone else. However, it often happens that only one account is used, although several people are not working on the computer. In this case, the folder with the password can be the only way out of the situation.

Let's look at the most popular and simplea utility called Folder Guard, which allows you to operate with folder access rights under all versions of Windows. For this program, the functionality is quite decent: there is also the option of setting passwords for folders, and differentiating the access rights of different users to information that may appear on the computer, limiting the services that are launched by the operating system, setting up directory visibility, hiding information and a few other very convenient functions. Even if the computer boots in safe mode, the functionality of this utility continues to work. In addition to all these features, the user who installed it has the option to protect the program itself with a password.

How to save a folder

The application interface itself is very simple and does notshould cause special difficulties in use. It is worthwhile to be very careful while imposing various restrictions on folders that are systemic, since their contents can be launched by the operating system earlier than the utility itself, which can cause problems during operation. Naturally, no utility or program is able to give a 100% guarantee of reliable protection, but it can serve as the first obstacle in the way of an attacker.

There is a special utility called HideFolders, designed to set passwords on folders. With it, you can password-protect the folder in Windows 7 or other versions of the system. In terms of functionality, this software product is very similar to the previous one, but its main advantage is that it is completely free for the average user, unlike the above, whose cost is $ 60.

If you are interested in other ways, likeyou can use a simple and affordable way by using the popular WinRAR archiver. To use it, you need to select the file or folder that you want to password, select "Add to archive" from the context menu, and set additional passwords to your archive. This method is not only very simple, but also very reliable, since the archiver uses a very high-quality cryptographic mechanism that reliably protects information placed in it. When you add a file to the archive with a password from you it will be necessary to enter it, after which the file will join those already placed there.

As you can see, there are some very simpleways to protect information with a password, and programs for these purposes are much more than described above. I hope this material will be enough to obtain superficial information.

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