Many players who like to play Minecraft,sooner or later they come to install some modification or change the character's skin, maybe they just want to install a new texture-pack. In fact, the folder with the game may be needed even for its removal: to clean the computer system of all residual files that have not been deleted for some reason in automatic mode.

That's it when some gamers come acrosssuch a problem as to find the "Maincraft" folder on the system disk. In fact, it's easy to do. Moreover, there are four different ways to find the "Maincraft" folder. In any case, they are the most simple and accessible to any user.

It is worth noting that this is only a pirated version of the game. With licensed Minecraft everything is a lot easier.

how to find the folder maynkraft

How can I find it using Explorer?

Some users do not even suspect thatthe folder with the game is not hidden from them and can be easily found with the help of a guide. To do this, go to the system disk and find the Users folder there. In it, you need to go into that section, which is called the name of the active user (for someone it may just be a user). In this section there will be an AppData folder, and in it the folder Roaming. In the latter, the section with the game called .minecraft should be located. If it is not there, then you will have to use one of the other methods described below.

How to find the folder "Maincraft" with the help of Total Commander

Total Commander is an excellent file explorer,which is convenient not only when working with data transfer, but also when searching for them. The fact is that this program shows all the hidden directories. Therefore, in this application it is sufficient to do the same actions as discussed above.

How to find the folder "Maincraft" on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 using "Search" and a shortcut with the game

To find any hidden folder in the fileWindows system, you need to enter its name in the search, at the edges adding percent signs. So, to find the .minecraft folder, you need to go to the Start menu search and enter the following word:% AppData%.

how to find the folder maincraf on windows 7

But the most obvious method is the following: if when installing the game on a personal computer on the desktop appeared a shortcut to launch (this is not always the case), then just click on it with the PCM and in the opened list find the section "File Location". And the system itself will immediately open the desired directory without unnecessary actions. Everything is easy and simple. Sometimes when installing some games, tick the "create desktop shortcut" checkbox.

Now you know how to find the "Minecraft" folder in any versions of the operating system from Microsoft.

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