By default, hidden files do not appear in the file list or search results in Windows 7. However, they can be displayed together with normal data with the corresponding system settings.

how to hide a folder

Why is this necessary?

If you are worried about not accidentallyto change or not to move some data, you can execute the simple instruction "How to hide a folder on the computer". Follow these simple steps to hide the necessary data from the visual field in Windows 7. The time required for this operation usually does not exceed 5 minutes.

How it's done?

Let's talk about how to hide a folder quickly. You can enter its name in the search field after clicking "Start". It will be displayed in a new window, and you can start working with it.

However, the most common method isselect the folder on the computer manually and right-click on the folder, and then select "Properties." After that it is necessary to set the attribute of the folder "Hidden" in the characteristics of the folder, by checking the corresponding line.

Click the "Start" button in Windows 7, and then clickselect "Control Panel". Find the menu item "Folder Options" (you can find it in the "View" tab). Additional settings contain information about the location of hidden files and folders and their categories. If everything is displayed correctly, you should be able to see these menu items at the bottom without scrolling down. You should also notice two options suggesting whether or not to show hidden folders and files.

Select "Do not show hidden files, folders, anddisks "by checking the corresponding box. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the "Folder Options" window. Here the instruction "How to hide a folder in Windows" can be considered complete. Now the data with the attribute "indoor" will not be displayed for any kind of download.

how to hide a folder in windows

How do I check the settings?

You can be sure that you did the right thingAn instruction that explains how to hide a folder. To do this in Windows 7, you must go to drive C. If you do not see a folder named ProgramData, then the hidden data is not really displayed. Remember that these data do not disappear anywhere from your computer and in no case are deleted, they simply become invisible to the user.

How to open them?

Typically, hidden files usually have suchparameters is not accidental. Often they contain very important information, which is highly undesirable to modify or delete. But what if you need to open them for any reason? Sometimes this is due to the fact that there are various problems in the operation of Windows, and to eliminate them you need to make changes to these files.

folder attribute hidden

You already know how to hide the folder. The reverse action is similar. To display this data, you must check the box under "Show hidden files and folders", and thus make changes to the "Control Panel" settings. Regardless of the version of "Windos", these steps will be almost the same.

In addition to system and program data, hiddenyou can do any information on the computer, and similarly open for personal use. This does not have any impact on the operation of the operating system, and at the same time will allow you to make your information not accessible to outsiders.

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