Probably, each of us at least once appeared in thea situation where the personal information stored on the computer was accessible to outsiders. Who would like this? After all, often on a computer we have photos, documents and various information.

how to put the password on a folder on the computer
How to make it so that others can not see itusers who also use your PC? The answer is obvious: you need to classify these documents. To do this, it is enough to know how to put the password on a folder in the computer. This is what we are now talking about.

How to put the password on a folder in a computer using standard Windows tools?

For this we need a standard archiverWinRAR. It is not necessary to download anywhere, because it is automatically installed with the operating system. So, to put the password on a folder on your computer, you need to do the following:

  1. Right-click on the folder that you want to classify, and select the item "Add to archive."
  2. In the appeared window of the archiver we tick the item "Delete files after packing", then go to the "Advanced" tab and click the "Set password" button.
  3. In the "Enter password" window, enter the fictitious code 2 times and confirm it by pressing the "Ok" key.
  4. That's all. The program WinRAR has created an archive, which you can unpack only after entering the password.

Unfortunately, this method is not convenient for everyone. For example, if the folder contains video files, then it will take too long to archive, and this is a significant disadvantage. Therefore, this method is used only with small files.

How to put the password on a folder on your computer using the program Anvide Lock Folder?
password on a folder on your computer

First we look for the utility and install it. With this program you can put a password on any files or folders. Moreover, they become hidden.

  1. Run the program Anvide Lock Folder.
  2. In the appeared window, click on the plus sign in the upper left corner and mark the file, which we will hide from prying eyes. Click on "Ok".
  3. Select the selected file and click on the icon in the form of a lock.
  4. In the appeared window we enter the password, confirm it and click on the button "Close access".
  5. Done. Now the files on which the password is set will be displayed as hidden items.

To open a hidden folder, you need to start the program Anvide Lock Folder, click on the open lock icon and enter the password you set. Here such here the useful utility.

How can I put the password on a folder on my computer using Hide Folders?

The course of action is the same - install the utility on your PC. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous method:

program put password on folder

  1. Run the program Hide Folders.
  2. In the window that appears, click on the plus sign and select the files and folders that you want to hide.
  3. We press the button with the inscription "Hide". Thus, we have the working mode turned on, and all selected files become hidden.

To make the folders visible again, you will need toStart Hide Folders and press the "Unhide" key. The only difference here from the previous utility is that the password is set one. It will be requested at startup by the program itself.

Put the password on the folder, as you can see, not so difficult. The main thing is to have at least one convenient utility in your arsenal.

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