These issues are most often encountered amongusers in various forums dedicated to programming languages ​​and web diain. First of all, let's look at what an xml format is, than to open it for editing.

So, XML is a special extensible languageprogramming for markup. Therefore, XML files use tags that define the attributes of objects. In appearance, this language is very much like the usual HTML programming language. However, the difference between XML is the ability of users to specify their tags and use them in the future.

In its structure, the document is in XML formatrepresents a tree of elements. Some such elements as in the case of HTML have their own additional attributes and may contain some values. For example, in the line: value, are the tearing and closing tags of the entire string. The attr value is an attribute, but attrval is already the value of the attribute described above. Well, the last element of the value string is the content.

Currently, the files with the XML extensionThey are widely used and popular among users. And the flexibility of this programming language allows you to use such files, both for creating various application settings, and for creating various databases. Although the primary purpose of this markup language is to use it in files to exchange information between programs on the World Wide Web.

So, xml format than to open it and how itsedit. The easiest way to do this is to open the file in XML format using a text editor similar to HTML files. However, editing XML files in this format requires the user to have the skills and knowledge of the markup language XML. That is, when you open such a file in notepad on your page, you get a set of lines of code markup language and the actual text. And for its editing, you need to understand at least a little for what a particular tag is responsible for, and where you need to edit to ensure that the information you need is displayed correctly.

For those who do not know the XML language or want it right awayediting to see the result can take advantage of special programs that allow you to open files with the extension of XML. Therefore, for the uninitiated in the data xml format questions than to open it such programs will be a real salvation. Among the many such editors there are more serious and professional, and unpretentious programs for novice users. Although the principles of editing and creating XML files in them are similar. Distinguish all the programs only with its functionality, as well as a set of functions and tools for editing and creating XML files.

Among the simple and free programs for openingfiles with the extension of XML and further editing them or creating completely new files, you can select the open source Serna Free editor. It is a powerful but at the same time convenient and simple software that allows you to easily create articles and books, various technical documentation, user guides and much more. Moreover, the work of creating and editing in this XML editor is largely a derogation from work in a conventional text editor such as Word, etc., and therefore does not require significant knowledge of the markup language XML. Therefore, using this type of questioning software how to work with files having an xml format than to open it you will no longer arise.

Among the additional features of the editor SernaFree you can highlight the presence of styles XSL-FO and XSLT, which provides the most realistic display to the printed form, as well as enables you to create profiled views and display XML files compiled from a large number of parts.

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