Today in the computer world there is aa lot of extensions used to identify file types, that many users just have a head around. One such is the PRN format. Than to open it, now also it will be considered (as variants not too it is a lot of).

What can a file with PRN extension be like: the main options

To begin with, we note that this format in itsThe initial form is universal for many systems, because if someone has already noticed by reduction, this most resembles the English word print. Such files can be present in both Windows and Mac OS X.

prn than to open

However, this is only one side of the coin. In fact, such an extension can also occur in some office files created with non-standard packages. They are also sometimes assigned an extension PRN. Than to open such objects, we will consider a little bit later. For now, let's dwell on the basic, basic version.

PRN extension: than to open in standard form?

So, as has already been said above, before usthe format of the file responsible for printing documents. If we consider the file itself of this type, it is a set of commands for a specific printer installed in the system, which the driver sends to the device when the document is set to print. In principle, if we are talking about "apple" systems, the question of how to open a PRN file is solved quite simply. You can simply drag it to the printer icon on the desktop, after which the process of printing will be activated.

than to open a prn file

In Windows-based systems, such files also occur. Most often they appear at the moment when the user sets the so-called print to a file using the MS Office Document Imagine program, which is included in the standard package.

If you look more closely at the PRN format than open it, it becomes clear in case of using graphical utilities-viewers like ACD See, ACD System Canvas, Free Raw Print.

extension prn than open

However, you can do much easier usingto open this format the Adobe Acrobat package. In this case, the program will work as a graphical application with elements for recognizing the preview of the contents of the file before printing.

PRN file: what to open yet?

But that's not all. The fact is that the PRN format can sometimes be found among files created with the help of office package Lotus 1-3. In this case, the content is not just a formatted text, but a spreadsheet that has been exported to a text file, for example, to exchange data between applications.

prn than to open

How to open it? Naturally, the decision about application of "native" table processor arises. But in order not to waste time installing it (few people use it), it's easiest to open the file in the well-known Excel editor. Such data is opened without problems.


As you can see, the very format of PRN turns out to be manyfriends, in spite of the fact that the users did not know before which program the expansion was compared. Well and as to opening technique, for the beginning it is possible to try to print the document if it is the object intended for the printer. Otherwise, we recommend using either viewers, or Acrobat, or Excel. In general, in any version there is a solution.

The most common is the formatprinter. The fact is that almost nobody uses the Lotus package today, and it's very rare to find files on its basis. However, even for printing, you can use the same Adobe Acrobat, so to speak, killing two birds with one stone (both viewing and printing, provided that the user does not need to edit the file). As a whole, as it is already clear, there should not be any problems with such a format.

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