Do you know when the "Scooter" group was created? Do you know the biography of its members? If not, we recommend that you read the contents of this article. We wish you pleasant reading!

Scooter Group

History of creation

In 1988, two German guys (HSBC Baxter andRick Jordan) joined together in a collective called Celebrate The Nun. The guys made remakes on popular songs all over the world. I must say that they succeeded well in this. In 1989, the debut disc of the band - Meanwhile. Soon followed by the second Continuous plate.

In late 1993, the guys joined another musician - Ferris Buller. The team received a new name - "Scooter". The group also acquired a personal manager. This post was taken by Jens Tele.

Development of a musical career

"Scooter" - a group that "remakes"compositions written by other artists. Many criticize the guys for this. However, German musicians manage to breathe a second life into the songs. In order not to be unfounded, we give an example. At one time, Billy Idol performed the song Rebel Yell. This song did not bring him worldwide fame. And the guys from Scooter corrected this situation. They made the rayme happy for millions of listeners who live in different countries: Scooter is a band that has 17 studio albums, dozens of vivid clips and hundreds of concerts all over the world. But that is not all. For several years Scooter was called the best dance group in Germany. The visiting card of the band was such compositions as How Much Is the Fish ?, Call Me Mañana, Ramp! and Shake That !.

So, the history of the creation of the group was considered. Want to know the biography of the Scooter members? Now we will tell about everything.

Soloist of the band scooter

Hech-Pi Baxter (lead singer of the band "Scooter")

He was born on March 16, 1966 in the German city ofthe name Lear. From an early age I attended music school. Teachers noted his perfect hearing and a good sense of rhythm. In high school, Hans-Peter Gerdes (real name of the soloist) was fond of the works of such bands as Deep Purple and T-Rex.

In 1988, HP Baxter was one of thethe founders of the collective Celebrate The Nun, which after 5 years was renamed Scooter. In his spare time, our hero likes to skate and play football.

In 1998, a fair-haired handsome man marriedhis long-time friend Katie. However, their marriage did not last long. In the early 2000s, the couple officially divorced. He quickly got rid of the status of a bachelor. In 2003, he met model Simon Mostert. They began a stormy romance. In May 2006, the musician and fashion model played a magnificent wedding in the castle of Tremsbüttel. But this time the happy family life did not happen. In June 2011, HP and Simon divorced. At the moment the soloist Scooter is not married. He has no children.

Philip Spiezer

He was born on May 12, 1990 in Vienna. Professionally owns such instruments as drums, bass guitar and piano. He is considered a true master of writing singles and remixes. In the group "Scooter" this guy came in the second half of 2014.

Group scooter biography

Jens Tele

He is the manager and producer of the collectiveScooter since its foundation. Jens Tele was born on December 20, 1967 in one of the largest cities in Germany - Hamburg. To date, he owns music labels Kontor and Sheffield Tunes.

Michael Simon

This member of the Scooter group was born on August 291972 in Hamburg. From an early age, he showed a love for music. Over the shoulders of Michael work in several popular clubs in Germany. In 2006, a talented musician was invited to perform in the staff of the "Scooter". Michael Simon could not miss such a unique opportunity. He replied with consent.

In different years the group also performed:

  • Axel Coon (from 1998 to 2002) - played keyboards, did arrangements.
  • Ferris Buller (from 1993 to 1998).
  • Rick Jordan (from 1993 to 2014) - arranger and keyboard player.
  • Jay Frog (from 2002 to 2006).


We talked about when and by whom it was created"Scooter". The group was able to achieve incredible popularity not only in Germany, but also far beyond its borders. For example, in Russia there are many fans of the band called Scooter.

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