Nikita is a group that has taken its niche inRussian show business. Sexy and outrageous girls do not cease to please fans with their incendiary songs and frank clips. Do you want to know the names of the band's soloists? Are you interested in the history of the creation of the collective? Now we will tell about everything.

Group nikita

Nikita Group: How it all began

The idea of ​​creating a maiden duo belongs toknown in Ukraine producer Yuri Nikitin. In 2006, at one of the social events, he met with the beautiful Daria Astafieva. At that time, the girl was already known as a model and participant of many TV projects. Nikitin suggested that she try herself as a singer.

Nikita Group was established in 2008. The second soloist was Yulia Kavtaradze. Songs and costumes for the girls were prepared. It remained only to come up with a name for the group. Several options were considered. As a result, Julia, Dasha and Yuri decided that the group would be called "Nikita" (with an emphasis on the last syllable).

Career development

In 2009 there was a debut album of the collective -"A car". A few weeks later, the clip of the same name was presented. A video, in which two beauties in tight suits show the wonders of acrobatics, won incredible popularity.

Soon followed another clip, for the songRopes. It turned out even more frank than the previous one. Julia and Dasha were naked. Their intimate places were covered only by black rectangles, which on TV denote censorship.

In 2010, the Nikita group (photo, above) went on tour to the cities of Ukraine and Russia. Everywhere girls were greeted with a bang. So, we told about creation and activity of the collective. Now superficially we will go through biographies of soloists.

Nikita group

Julia Kavtaradze

She was born on June 4, 1985 in Georgia. Later the family moved to Ukraine. Julia graduated with a degree in choreography. Almost 3 years the girl acted in the Verka Serduchka ballet. Then she went on maternity leave. From 2008 to 2011 she was one of the soloists of the group "Nikita".

Nikita photo group

Dasha Astafyeva

A native of the Ukrainian city of Ordzhonikidze. She graduated from the college of culture, located in Kiev. Was a successful model. Her photographs were adorned with covers of popular male magazines, including Playboy. The group Nikita allowed her to declare herself as a singer. In addition, she acquired all-Russian fame.

New members

In 2011, Julia Kavtaradze announced herleaving the group. Producer Yuri Nikitin quickly found a replacement for her. His choice fell on a slender brunette from Kiev. It's about Anastasia Kumeiko. The girl has a choreographic education. Behind her shoulders work in ensemble them. Virsky and show-ballet "Todes".

In early 2012, the Nikita group turned into atrio. A new soloist was the model Julia Brichkovka. She was born in 1986 in Kiev. She worked as a dancer in nightclubs. An attractive and liberated girl quickly joined the team. She had her own army of admirers. However, her contract expired in January 2016.


Nikita - a group that managed to conquer Russianlisteners. Slender beauty causes admiration in men and envy in women. Their clips, posted on the YouTube service, gain millions of views. Let's wish this charming girl more hits and happiness in her personal life!

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