The "Boomer" group won the hearts of millions of people who are fans of chanson. Do you want to know when the collective was formed? Who is included in it? Now we will talk about this.

History of the creation of the collective

In the beginning of 2005, the "Boomer" group was formed. The creator of this project was producer Yuri Almazov. He is also a soloist, the author of texts and music. Yu. Almazov was born in Chita. There he graduated from music school, learning to play drums and pianoforte. Then I went to Omsk. He studied at the local music school (on the fan and drummer). Since 1995 he lives in Moscow.

Group boomer composition group

Valery Lisner became his colleague in the group. This person is responsible for backing vocals, keys and a computer. Yuri and Valery were familiar for a long time. At one time they together performed in the band "Belomorkanal".


The newly created duo began to createmusical material. In the fall of 2005, the "Boomer" band released their debut album, entitled "Letters". Presented on the plate compositions ("Tuk-tuk", "Moscow-Magadan", "In the parks of the city" and others) immediately fell in love with Russian listeners. The songs turned out to be lyrical, reflecting modern reality. In 2006, the second album of the band was on sale. He represented the most powerful dance disco of the 80's, but in the original "bumer" processing. Fans of the group were able to appreciate the composition "Lost Edge". The author of music and poetry is S. Nagovitsyn. However, Almazov and Lisner gave this song a completely new sound.

"Third album" is such a simple namehad another record, recorded by "Bumer". She was also greeted by fans with a bang. The fourth album, recorded in January 2008, was the most sold. The record contained the following songs: "Spring", "My Gentle", "Patsans", and "Prayer". In total, the creative team of the team has 8 studio albums, dozens of hits and several video clips.

group boomer

At present, the Boomer group is recognizable and in demand among Russian listeners. The famous "criminal" duet from Chelyabinsk acts in fashion clubs and on the largest venues located in different cities of Russia.


Hera Grach, "Vorovaiki", Alain Anders - with these andother artists at different times cooperated with the group "Boomer". The composition of the group has never changed. Valery Lisner and Yuri Almazov have grandiose plans for joint work. We wish this duo of creative prosperity and more loyal fans!

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