"Yellow branch" is an underground-rap group. It has Russian (Moscow) roots and comes from Lefortovo. Creativity of the team is mainly devoted to psychedelic themes.


yellow branch
In the early texts the group "Yellow branch" recallsthe Ukrainian team 5'nizza. The project was created in 2004 by rapper-poet Oleg Opus and participant of the disbanded collective "Seven Sees", which is known as "Mig29". There were musicians on weekends and at home studio wrote tracks. Several times performed in clubs in Moscow.


The group "Yellow branch" recorded its debutalbum, in the creation of which took part singer Yana Akula and guitarist Drim Dream. Oleg Opus left the group in 2006. Soon the collection was published. 2007 was marked by an increase in the number of concerts. Begins cooperation with Moscow underground hip-hop artists Kunteynir, Re-Pac, Bookaman and RC. Since 2008, the group has been recorded in various collections. Begins cooperation with the project CENTR and Guf in particular. "Mig29" took part in the work on the album "Homes".

In 2010 the group together with the closest friends and associates, the team "Semi-soft", created the project of Good Hash Production. A few months later, in the company "CAO Records" was released his album entitled "Couplets with a gold seal." Distribution company CD Land. In the creation of this album a galaxy of performers participated. The team continued to operate within the framework of the Good Hash Production project. In 2012, a disc was released, which was composed of tracks recorded in 2008-2012. Soon, I made a video for a song called "These Thoughts."


yellow branch discography
Now you know how the group "Yellow" was createdbranch". The discography of the collective will be given below. In 2005, the album "Start talking aloud" was released. In 2006, "iBom" appeared. In 2007 the group "Yellow branch" recorded the disk "Genetically modified vegetables". Also, the musicians released two more albums: Underground and "Old Schoolchildren". The team members also work solo.

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