Today we will tell you who Terry Gieser Butler is. It's about a British rock musician who plays in the bands GZR and Sabbath. In the past, he collaborated with the band Heaven & Hell.


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So, today's hero is Gieser Butler. Interview musician confirm that the first group called Rare Breed, he collected in 1967, along with Ozzy Osbourne, who was his school buddy. Then the friends' paths parted for a while. Later they merged again in the blues-rock band Polka Tulk. The drummer of the band was Bill Ward, and the guitarist was Tony Iommi. They renamed the team, giving it the name Earth. However, soon, after finding in one of the English provinces a team with the same name, reincarnated in Black Sabbath.

Game Technique

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Geezer Butler mostly played the rhythm guitar. However, Iommi let him know that he wanted to leave this role behind him. Then our hero switched to bass guitar.

Now consider what Gieser Butler is so famous for. The technique of the game is special. He is among the first bassists who started using the Wah-wah pedal. Later, this method was adopted by his followers. The representative of Metallica, Cliff Burton, also referred to them. Our hero has rebuilt the bass in a special way to better adapt to the sound of the guitar Iommi. Later, detuning became common among bass players of various metal bands.


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Gieser Butler wrote almost all the songs forcollective. He relied on the fascination with science fiction, religion, as well as reflections on the gloomy side of human nature, which carried the threat of destruction on a global scale. The leader of the group was Ozzy Osbourne. In the 1970s, the popularity of Black Sabbath began to subside. Although the musicians played in the eighties with James Dio, and then Ian Gillan.

Gieser Butler left the group and formedown project Geezer Butler Band. In 1988, our hero joined Osborn to participate in the tour, organized in support of the record No Rest For The Wicked.

In 1991, the musician joined the Black Sabbath team. He worked on the album Dehumanizer. Left the team after the tour, organized in support of the album "Cross Purposes" in 1994.

In 1995 Butler joins Osborn to record the album Ozzmosis. The guitarist formed a band called G / Z / R. As part of this project, in 1995 Butler released an album called Plastic Planet.

The next work, called Black Science, followed in 1997. Butler once again joined Black Sabbath to release the Ozzfest album in 1997. After that, the musician remained in the band.

In 2005, he released Ohmwork's third solo album. In 2006, it was announced that our hero, together with Tony Iommi, would reform the group's composition.

Butler in the past was known for playing ontools from Vigier and Fender Precision. Now he plays the instruments from Lakland. Our hero during the tours uses Ampeg SVT-2PRO amplifier, and in the studio - SVT-810E 8x10. The musician also has such effects as flange, chorus, wah-wah.

Our hero, among other things, participated in the recordingthe debut of the same name album by Black Sabbath. It was released in 1970 in the UK. The work was recorded for only three days. Today this album is recognized as a classic of heavy metal. The title track appeared after our hero borrowed from Ozzy Osbourne some book of the XVI century, dedicated to black magic. According to another version, Tony and Geezer issued independently the same riff. It happened at a rehearsal when they presented musical ideas to Bill and Ozzy. The album was supplemented by the single Evil Woman. The original record on the vinyl disc is now a rarity. The record had a cover cover. On its turn, an inverted cross is drawn, and inside it is written a short poem. The original version of the album in the European edition contains a song called Evil Woman. It was published on the single before the release of the record. In the American edition on the site of this song is Wicked World.

Personal life

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The wife of our hero is Gloria Butler. She directed the project Heaven & Hell. A few facts about the musician:

  • The musician has several cats.
  • Geezer Butler settled in Los Angeles.
  • The musician never turns to obscene language.
  • Butler participated in advertising PETA (as a vegetarian) in 2009. He does not use or eat foods that are of animal origin of any kind. He also stated that he was a pacifist.
  • Gieser - a passionate admirer of "Aston Villa"(football club). Sometimes it can be seen with Tony Iommi at the game of this football team. In 2006, when the band Black Sabbath was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the musician allegedly pronounced "Forward Villa!" Into the microphone.
  • In 2015 Butler was arrested. The reason was a drunken fight in the bar.
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