Until the late 90s of the last century in our countryto answer the question about who the battler was, only the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the professor who taught regional studies could. With the advent of very rich citizens, we have a demand for the services of specialists in housekeeping. Today in our country, butler is an employee who deals with various household issues of a wealthy and busy person. Let's see if there is a difference between such professions as a footman, butler and butler, than each of them does and answers for.

What is batler


Initially, the specialization of the butler, from wherethere was this word, there was a delivery of alcoholic drinks on a table, and also conducting and management of a wine cellar. That is, the main meaning of the word "butler" is a specialist in bottling wine. His duties included not only making decisions on replenishing stocks and selecting suppliers, paying bills for wine, but also bottling alcoholic beverages on drums. According to historical information, the greatest number of battlers was during the reign of such British monarchs as Victoria and Edward VIII. The modern understanding of the basic functions of this profession differs significantly from those taken several centuries ago.

Modern features of the profession

Butler word meaning
Today, Butler is a specialist of rather wideprofile, which in France is called a mazhordome, in the United States - a house-manager, creating the most comfortable living conditions for the employer and his household. His responsibilities include:

1. Management and control of the work of home staff - maids, drivers, nannies and others, as well as interaction with external organizations that provide services, for example, utilities.

2. Maintaining the accounting of expenses for various items of the family budget.

3. The organization of the security of both the house itself and all people and animals living on its territory.

4. Maintenance of all life support systems and transport and technical means in working order.

In addition to these basic duties, the owners of the house can entrust to the butler:

  • organization of negotiations, solemn events;
  • reception of guests;
  • booking of places in hotels or tickets;
  • accompanying the owners or their family members on trips.

Thus, a modern butler is an expert for solving various unofficial problems of his employer.

What should I be able to do?

The modern major-butler must know and be able toapply in practice quite a lot: psychology and management, the fundamentals of accounting and medical knowledge, dietology and hygiene, interior and landscape design, etiquette and art history, and much more.

Butler is a footman or butler
An important feature of this profession isthe ability to store confidential information about your employer and his family. Thus, the notion that butler is a footman or butler, only with a different name, is absolutely not true. Indeed, some similar actions may fall into the duties of such a specialist, but the general specificity of the profession is different. In order to understand all the features, let us consider the hierarchy of service, as it was in the past centuries.

As it was in the best houses ...

Immediately determine that up to the beginning of the twentieth centurybutler - it was exclusively a man's profession, women were not allowed into it. So, the highest status among hired personnel was possessed by the manager of the estate or the butler. The manager was engaged in hiring and firing of employees and servants, followed the harvesting, disassembled the claims of tenants and received from them a fee, as well as led the financial documentation. At the butler work in something similar with the manager, but only in the house. He was the responsible keeper of the keys from all the storerooms, wine cellars and buffets, and hired workers for various repairs in the house.

Butler is
Butler was next in status aftermanager or butler. His job was to follow the crystal and expensive porcelain sets, utensils made of precious metals and, if necessary, clean it. In the range of his duties included the replenishment of wine cellars, bottling of strong drinks and their accounting.

Next in the service ladder wasvalet, in charge of the wardrobe, shoes and the appearance of his master as a whole. It was the valet who accompanied the gentleman in his shopping trips, as well as on a journey.

The footmen performed a variety of very different jobs likein the house, and in the street. Their duties included laying on the table and serving food, serving tea and helping the butler. Also the footman accompanied the hostess when she went to visit, wore baggage, frightened off the light of the lantern of thieves, if the gentlemen were going out into the street in the dark.

What are they like?

Who and what is batler and what he does, wefigured out. However, today it is not only specialists who solve various problems and manage the economy of houses. Every year, the butlers in the hotel business are becoming more and more popular. Many boutique hotels and large international chains prepare such specialists for themselves or recruit graduates of this specialty. The duties of such employees include not only the reception and accommodation of guests, but also the management of other service personnel, as well as the solution of problems arising from the guests and difficulties.

Thus, answering the question: "Butler is a lackey or a butler?" You can say that this is neither. This is a special specialist, whose terms of reference overlap both with the duties of the butler and the lackey.

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