James Butler - middleweight boxerfrom the United States of America. He received the nickname "Demolition hammer from Harlem" for his unprincipled and tough manner of fighting. Butler also became famous throughout the world for his unsportsmanlike behavior and strange antics, which are brutal.

James Butler

Biography of the Harlem Sledgehammer

James Butler, Jr. was born on December 18 in 1972year in the city of Harlem (New York, USA). At the age of 14, I started boxing at the local sports section in Harlem. Two years later he began to take part in various amateur tournaments, where he often won prizes. With the advent of the professional league began to perform in the weight category "second middle". James Butler had several distinctive features in terms of combat. He had a left-handed stance with a puncher style. The boxer had good potential. Many experts predicted a great career, in which there will be many victories and belts. Spectators and fans gave him the nickname "Demolition hammer from Harlem." This was due to the fact that the athlete was characterized by extreme aggression and cruelty towards his opponents.

James Butler Boxer

James Butler: the scandal that occurred at the charity battle against Richard Grant

In November 2001, there was a battle between twooutstanding fighters - James Butler and Richard Grant. This boxing match was of a charitable nature, the box office of which went to the aid of survivors after the events of September 11 (the tragic act of terrorism in America, during which the World Trade Center-Twin Towers suffered).

During the battle, both fighters demonstrated an excellenttechnique and sports excitement. Some rounds were left for Butler, and some for Grant. However, in the last round, Richard Grant conducted a series of successful attacks, thanks to which he received several additional points from the judges. The unanimous decision on points was won by Richard Grant. The winner began to celebrate his triumph, after which he went to the opposite side of the ring in order to thank his opponent for the fight. This is the traditional etiquette of all existing martial arts. Richard went to Butler and held out his hand, expressing his respect and respect. But James Butler spit on all the foundations and customs of boxing etiquette and instead of responding to reach out, he simply dealt a powerful blow to Richard's jaw with his bare hand (without a glove). Naturally, from such a side punch, Grant fell onto the ring platform and for a long time could not come to his senses. As it turned out, Richard received serious injuries to his face and a jaw fracture.

This act shocked all sportspublic. Earlier, such gestures fans and fans of boxing have not seen. As a result, Grant was immediately hospitalized. As already mentioned, the boxer remained with a broken jaw, a bitten tongue and a small concussion of the brain. By this unsportsmanlike act, James Butler crossed out his own career. On his account there were only 25 fights, including 20 wins (12 by KO) and 5 defeats. He was disqualified, and after being arrested and sentenced to prison terms.

The thirst for revenge or not?

Few people know that Grant and Butler had alreadymet in the ring in 1997. Then Richard won by a unanimous decision with a significant overweight on points and, apparently, became the most important enemy for a psychopath from Harlem. However, having won against Butler for the second time, he became a victim of James's unsportsmanlike behavior and received a side kick in the jaw without a glove.

Accusation of assault and murder of American journalist Sam Kellerman

Penalty in the form of imprisonment no oneIt did not affect James Butler's world view and behavior. The ex-boxer did not take the path of correction and did not draw any lesson from the incident. The world sports community forgot about Butler for a while, but he soon reminded everyone about himself again. Strangely enough, this time in an even more cruel, "repulsed" and manic form. Here's what he wrote about in the media:

"On October 20, 2004, the American boxer JamesButler was convicted by the Los Angeles court and sentenced to 29 years in prison for the brutal murder of journalist Sam Kellerman. On October 17, 2004, the body of American sports journalist Sam Kellerman was found in his home in Hollywood. During the investigation it was revealed that Kellerman died 5 days before the murder was committed. He was dealt about 30 blows with a heavy blunt object on the head and other parts of the body. "

James Butler Ring

The investigation revealed that the perpetrator of thisThe incident is James Butler. The details of this case are not advertised, like Butler's motives. However, in this regard, there are many versions and assumptions that can not be refuted or confirmed by facts.

James Butler: the ring is not a motivation, or the story of a mean scoundrel

In this story, it is remarkable and surprising,that Kellerman and Butler were good friends. 30 days before the murder, Butler settled in the house of an American journalist who wrote about boxing. Also, the 29-year-old Kellerman had a brother, Max, who was conducting an analytical telecast about a boxing called ESPN.

James Butler Jr.

As it became known later, Sam Kellerman in every possible wayhelped Butler after the events with Richard Grant. Kellerman repeatedly appealed to James to cancel the suspension and prison term. In the end, even after the prison term of the boxer Kellerman gave Butler his own housing and supported the talented boxer both morally and financially. James's sneaky act can not be justified by anything - he took the life of a good man, besides, as some claim, he took with him a large sum of money and disappeared.

In conclusion about Butler

In the world boxing there were many cases thatThey are far from sports behavior and its etiquette. So, we can recall the story of the mass brawl at Medisson Square Garden in 1996, the murder of Sonny Liston five years after the loud contractual duel, the corrupt Richard Steele and much more. All these listed events are motivated only by making money. After all, where there is boxing, there is corruption, big money and the mafia.

James Butler scandal

However, the history of James Butler does not fit into certain definite frames. This boxer fully corresponds to his nickname "Mad Harvest Sledgehammer" both in life and in the ring.

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