Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy created two portraitsthe great Russian poet. The works were written at a difficult time, in the oppressive tragic situation of the last months of Nekrasov's life. Both of them are considered one of the best in the gallery of portraits, which Kramskoy created for his long creative life.

The portrait of Nekrasov was originally commissioned by Pavel Tretyakov for his meeting, but subsequently pushed Kramskoy to write a great picture.

The first portrait: the history of creation

portrait of a nereless

In the winter of 1877 the state of Nikolai AlekseevichNekrasov began to deteriorate rapidly. A seriously ill poet practically did not get out of bed, unable to write, he dictated his last works. Tretyakov, realizing that the days of the national singer is numbered, urgently orders Kramskoy his portrait. Nekrasov's artist wanted to portray exactly how he saw it in these sad days: lying on pillows in bed, surrounded by his favorite things and objects reminiscent of his work and incurable disease.

This idea was not liked by Tretyakov. Maecenas and the collector considered that such an image overshadowed the heroic image of the national poet. At the insistence of the customer, Kramskoy wrote a usual breast portrait, classical in composition, depicting Nekrasov sitting directly, with a half-turned head, with arms crossed on his chest.

The customer was pleased with the portrait, but not himselfartist. Communication with the poet during the work on the picture made an indelible impression on Kramskoy. Even then he decided to create a second painting, in which he displayed a completely different image of the poet.

The second portrait of Nekrasov

portrait is not beautiful

This work was called "N. A. Nekrasov in the period of "The Last Songs". A fairly large canvas is literally composed of several small pieces, like a mosaic.

The reason for writing the picture was everythingmore exacerbating illness of the poet. Each meeting was given to him with great difficulty. For the sake of 10-15 minutes Kramskoy often waited a whole day. As a result, only Nekrasov's head was written from nature, while the rest of the picture was painted by the artist in the workshop.

Portrait of Nekrasov on the bed turned outsimultaneously scale and chamber. Kramskoy this time portrayed the writer exactly as he originally intended, not just writing a portrait, but creating a heroic image of a poet who gives his creativity to his last days.

Wrong date or secret sign

The second portrait of Kramskoy himself was signed by date 3March 1877. In fact, the artist finished painting in the studio after the poet's death, and it dates back to 1878. However, the date deduced by Kramskoy, for himself and for the dying Nekrasov became special. It was on this day that the poet dictated his famous poem "Bayushki-bai". The enthusiastic Kramskoy considered this work to be the best, and the last portrait of Nekrasov symbolically sends viewers to the day of the creation of the poem.

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