Nikolay Nekrasov - author of poems and poemsmainly on the topic of social inequality. He was the clear condemnator of romance, believing that the poet should propagandize his views on life. However, in earlier works he still has a place and landscape lyrics. First of all, these poems symbolize the state of man, the author describes his mood in the colors of nature.

poem analysis before the rain is not beautiful

The first impression of the poem

So, in 1846 Nekrasov creates an amazingpoem "Before the Rain." At first glance, it seems that it has a simple description of nature, and in the last lines it seems to be unclear why people are mentioned. However, after a more detailed analysis of the poem "Before the Rain," Nekrasov, we catch the meaning.

The first paragraph sets a bleak tone for all furthernarration. A certain signal of danger is traced. The second paragraph shows what the element might be capable of and that this is clearly not the limit. Passions are heated to the third paragraph, leaving no hope of a good outcome. And, finally, in the last quatrain, the mood of nature completely passed to man.

Drawing up a plan and description of the plot

In order to conduct a qualitative analysispoem Nekrasov "Before the Rain" according to the plan, you must first carefully read the text several times and try to head each paragraph, for example, as follows:

  1. Nature grumbles.
  2. Getting cold.
  3. It's getting dark.
  4. People tend to leave faster.

Next, you can compile an analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Before the Rain" briefly, using a plan. To do this, we need to expand the theses to 2-3 sentences:

  1. Under a strong gust of wind all nature murmurs. Birds try to fly away as far as possible, and the old trees can only grind and fall apart even more. Branches all over the forest come in a chaotic movement.
  2. A small stream is littered with leaves, and its movement is slowed by the formation of a thin layer of ice, due to the fact that it becomes cold. This can be considered a sign of late autumn.
  3. Suddenly it gets dark earlier than usual, which a strong shower is foretelling. Screams of birds catch up with a gloomy atmosphere.
  4. Realizing that it will soon rain hard, people tend to go faster. The gendarme, whose share of the trip was bad weather, is very irritated and pushes anger on the coachman, holding a whip in his hands.

 analysis of the poem is unpretentious before the rain briefly

What did the author really want to say?

Now it becomes more logicalthe sequence of the text, but in order to more accurately analyze the poem "Before the Rain" by Nekrasov, it is worthwhile to find its main meaning. As already noted, the poet connects and closely intertwines nature and man. In fact, people here are mentioned a bit and only casually, and the elements are given a large half of the text. But in fact, there are acute social problems. Here is what can be understood in the paragraphs of the verse in this light:

  1. Troubled times have come. Young people are full of decisive actions against the authorities. Their mothers cry bitterly, foreshadowing trouble. Fathers and grandfathers are trying to convey something to him, not understanding progressive thoughts, remaining in deep ignorance.
  2. Because of the free views of the youth, a lot of problems are piling up, they are pursued by the tsarist authorities, they are dying under bullets.
  3. The public is confused, many rumors and gossip are born, people are driven into fear by ignorance and misunderstanding of the situation. Most support the royal power.
  4. Gendarmes as executors of power carry unrulyin the prison. They treat the common people like cattle. Waving a whip over the coachman and ordering him to lead the cart faster, the gendarme demonstrates his strength and impunity.

analysis of the poem is unpretentious before the rain as planned

Why is it necessary to analyze a poem

As a result, the analysis of the poem "Before the Rain"Nekrasov showed that the hidden meaning does not lie on the surface, that it is necessary to look for it among metaphors and oppositions. The poet skillfully plays with every word, making accurate and accurate, and most importantly, laconic descriptions of events. His contemporary, undoubtedly, having found the word "gendarme" in the last line, began to search for a secret subtext and reread again and again. Actually, it was done only by those who, just like the author, acutely felt social inequality.

This analysis of the poem "Before the Rain" by Nekrasov will help schoolchildren learn to disassemble any other works, guided by this method.

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