ON. Nekrasov was of noble birth and saw how cruelly treated with serfs. Therefore, one of the main themes of his work was serfdom. The poet hoped that the abolition of serfdom would improve the situation of people, but it took from them the most important thing - the land. In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressed strip" according to the plan, this topic will be considered in more detail.

Theme of serfdom

In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressedstrip "shows the image of a powerless peasant.It was an important topic for the poet: his father was a cruel landlord, and Nekrasov often saw a brutal and evil paternal treatment of peasants.The poet showed the attitude of the entire nobility to them - they were not considered any significant part of society .

The most valuable thing that was in the serfs, -this is land. This is also shown in the poem: in fact, it was inconceivable that the peasant leave a harvest of grain uncleared, in which so much effort and labor was invested. But the peasant could not collect it, because he fell ill. And no one was up to this matter - all indifferently looked at his difficulties.

This indifference Nekrasov stressedneglect of the common people. Diseases, hunger, high mortality were commonplace, so at the end of the work a peasant is shown who, seeing the uncleared bread, continued to do his job. In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressed strip" it should be emphasized that serfdom is a key theme of his creation.

uncompressed strip analysis of the poem by Nekrasov

Features of the composition

The next point in the analysis of the poem Nekrasov"Uncompressed strip" is the construction of a work. It can be divided into three parts. The first describes nature in the best traditions of landscape lyrics. The description of late autumn sets the reader to a peaceful, but sad at the same time.

In the second part, the ears are shown as livinga creature that complains that they forgot about it and left one. They are wondering, that maybe they are not worthy to be removed by a plowman? But then the ears themselves answer that no worse than others, they have as much love and care as they do in others.

In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressedstrip "it should be noted why it was through the field that the poet decided to talk about the problem of serfs, because peasants are farmers, for them the most valuable is the land that gives them food, and only serious circumstances could force the plowman not to enter the field. he had no one to take care of the harvest.

This is exactly what the wind says to the ears, whengives them an answer to their question. He tries to explain to them that it is not the plowman's fault that he left them uncompressed. And nobody cares about the peasant himself, because everyone had so many worries that there simply was not time to help others. And the serfs were abandoned and disenfranchised, and this oppressed the poet and was reflected in his poems.

analysis of Nekrasov's poem uncompressed strip

Genre of the work

In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressedthe next point is the definition of literary orientation and genre.It refers to the civil elegy.The work raises important questions about the lack of rights of peasants and serf diseases, which were relevant in the times of the poet.

Therefore, here in the role of the lyrical hero standssick plowman. And the reader will not be able to deceive the fairy-tale image of the wind, which should bring with him coolness, but he brought not a calm, but a sad response. In the analysis of Nekrasov's poem "Uncompressed strip" it should be noted that the distinctive feature of this work is the poet's realistic view, and the animation of ears and wind is just a fairy-tale design.

analysis of NA Nekrasov's poem uncompressed strip

The image of nature

The landscape of late autumn evokes in the reader feelingscalmness and sadness. Nature prepares for winter, the birds fly away to warmer lands, and the earth thanks those who care for and cared for it with generous gifts. So in this case, the plowman for his agricultural work was rewarded. Beautiful, golden ears waited patiently when they were assembled by the peasant.

For the farmer, there was no more beautiful scenery thanendless golden fields. After all, for him it is not only fine, but also the result of his work and the security of the family. Therefore, the landscape chosen by the poet best emphasizes the image of the farmer.

analysis of Nekrasov's poem uncompressed band according to plan

Artistic means of expressiveness

In the analysis of the poem NA. Nekrasov "Uncompressed strip" is the following - a definition of used tropes and images. Verbs and epithets are associated with late autumn, and the syntactic parallelism of the state of nature and human condition (sad reverie) allows spiritualizing the landscape, and the reader can hear the conversation of ears.

Used metaphors and the personification of forcesnature allow you to make the poem more expressive. Description of the inner world plowman shows the connection of the peasant with the land. This poem by Nekrasov shows not only the beauty of the grain field, but also raises questions concerning serfdom. The poet wanted the society to think, how difficult it is for the peasants, and that they also need to be taken care of. And all this against the background of a beautiful landscape.

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