The team of Ales Mukhin is one of the most famous andnoticeable in the intellectual club "What? Where? When?" in recent years. For it at different times there were many famous players. However, recently she does not participate in the television club. One of its leading players, Ilya Novikov, was denied participation in the projects on the First Channel because of his participation as a lawyer in the case of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. As a sign of solidarity with him refused to play the whole team.

Ales Mukhin - captain of the team

Ales Mukhina

Ales Mukhina in the "What? Where? When?" know for a long time. This is a famous player, TV presenter. In Belarus, he is the presenter of the local analogue of the television version of this game, which appears on the ONT channel.

In ordinary life Mukhin is engaged inentrepreneurship. He graduated from the specialized school of English in Minsk. He received a major in history and English at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

He still lives in the capital of Belarus. He has a wife, Tatiana and two children: Anton's son and daughter Daria.

Career in business began as a director of a perfume company. Then he headed the Belarusian branch of Euroset. Now has its own business, not connected with mobile communications.

Career in "What? Where? When?"

Ales Mukhin's team

Intellectual games took a great interest in schoolyears. In the sports version of the game "What? Where? When" was playing for the "AMO" team. However, recently he does not participate in tournaments after he started to conduct the Belarusian TV version of the program.

In the Russian elite club of experts debuted on December 15, 2001. Since then, he has spent 45 games. In 25 of them his team won.

Successful for him was the 2004 season. In the final of the spring series, Alesya Mukhina was recognized as the best player and presented with a crystal owl. In 2005 he received the title of the best captain of the club, since then he has symbolic captain's shoulder strap.

The last game

At the moment the last game of the team of Ales Mukhin took place on December 5, 2015. She opened the spring series.

The composition was played by Grigory Alkhazov, Yulia Arkhangelskaya, Gunel Babayeva, Ilya Novikov and Roman Orkodashvili.

It was an experimental game. At the table in turn, two teams played at once - Ales Mukhin and Viktor Sidnev. After one of them gave the wrong answer, the composition at the table was replaced. Began experts unsuccessfully. Maxim Potashev did not answer the question about Don Quixote, and Mukhin's team lost in the 13th sector.

Then Sydnev's wards pulled ahead, taking 4issue in a row. Mukhin and the company returned to the table when the score was 4: 3. They got a blitz, they managed to answer correctly only to the first question. Returned to the table, Sidney's team brought the game to victory - 6: 4.

The conflict over Ilya Novikov

that where when the team alesya fly

One of the most popular players of the Mukhina teamIlya Novikov, in his lawyer practice, took up the job of the Ukrainian pilot, Nadezhda Savchenko, who participated in the armed conflict in the southeast of Ukraine. She was accused of murdering Russian journalists, lawyers insisted on her innocence and the need to extradite to Ukraine.

In August 2016, in one of the interviews, the presenter andthe head of the TV project Boris Krjuk asked Novikova to leave the club "What? Where? When?". The team of Ales Mukhin in solidarity with the player also refused to take part in further games.

Novikov is a popular connoisseur. He started his career in the television club in 2002. During this time, 44 games were played. On this indicator, he is among the top ten experts, occupying the 9th place. Twice he became the owner of the crystal owl: in 2004 and 2014. In 2014 he was also awarded a diamond owl as the best player of the year.

Now Ales Mukhin announced that in the near future his team will nevertheless return to the television club in an updated composition. The truth is when this happens, did not elaborate.

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