For people far from the theater, or those whovisits him only once in six months, the name of the author Olga Mukhina will be unfamiliar. And meanwhile in the nineties one of her plays had a grandiose success, the girl was talked about as a new phenomenon in Russian drama. However, now, several years later, information about this talented author is less and less, because often the fate is capricious with creative people.


Olga Mukhina

Olga Mukhina was born in 1970. in Moscow, although her childhood was spent in the far northern town of Ukhta. After graduation, the girl decided to devote herself to the cinema and several times unsuccessfully tried to enter the faculty of screenwriters at VGIK. Only after three years of failures does Olga decide to go to the Literary Institute. Gorky. There is a serious revision of views, she falls in love with the theater and begins to write plays.

Unexpected success. "Tanya - Tanya"

All of her work is about love. The first works - "The Sad Secrets of Xavier Kaludsky" (1989), "Alexander August" (1991) - did not bring great success, they were published in the journal "Contemporary Drama", but nobody wanted to take on the production yet.

And in 1994 Olga Mukhina creates a play foran unordinary name "Tanya-Tanya". According to the author herself, she wrote in the countryside, in silence, still in anticipation of true love. Perhaps this feeling and provoked success. Suddenly, the play fell into the hands of one of the theater's directors, Petru Fomenko. The performances are held at full halls, Olga Mukhina, playwright, becomes very popular in the creative environment, she is pleased to interview and predict a great future.

olga muhina playwright

Moreover, they became interested in the play abroad,she was transferred to English, French, Danish, German, put on the stages of these countries. The greatest recognition of the performance of this work was in 1996, when he was nominated for several categories at the festival "Golden Mask". At the same time, the author's play was published under the even more intriguing title "Yu." The following years, Olga Mukhina no longer created new works.

Features of creativity

Immediately after the premiere of the play "Tanya-Tanya" on stageTheater Petra Fomenko the author was in the category of fashionable, her manner of narration interested critics. Thus, Vyacheslav Kuritsyn immediately noted the phonetic peculiarity of Mukhina's plays. The sound play in the speech of the characters is given great importance. When talking, there is not a message of information, but an ejection of emotions into space. Moreover, Olga Mukhina, whose plays often had interesting names, preferred in the narrative not to lead the viewer's hand directly to the understanding of the main idea, but to use incomprehensible and intricate semantic connections.

Olga Mukhina plays

Vasily Temnov called the play "Tanya - Tanya""ambitious, elegant and sharp," the critic noted the apolitical and timelessness of what is happening. Heroes are ordinary people, they love, laugh, and sad, and all this against the backdrop of a beautiful garden that somehow resembles Chekhov's scenery.

In one of the last interviews Olga Mukhinaadmitted that she was temporarily in a creative impasse. She married, she has two beautiful children, but not everyone can combine the role of the mother and the writer. She plans to go to her village, get into a corner and start creating again.

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