Elena Starry: this name is known today to all lovers of the book, it does not matter whether they read the works of this author or not. Just this name can be seen in all the tops and in each electronic library among the most read, most popular, most commented, the best writers. But at the same time the most criticized.

starry Elena

This author has so many negative reviews andso much detractors that you just wonder. If we draw an analogy, then Starry Elena is the same Daria Dontsova, only for a world of romantic and humorous fantasy. And why is she being scolded?

Elena Zvezdnaya: biography of the author

I must say that almost no informationthere is no author, and the writer is in no hurry to share personal information. She talks a lot with pleasure, she shares her opinion about different books, literary preferences and much more, but there are very few specifics. Here's what you can learn from different sources:

Elena Zvezdnaya

  1. Elena Zvezdnaya is a pseudonym. As the author's name is unknown.
  2. Birthday is November 22, 1981.
  3. Place of residence - Tiraspol, Republic of Moldova.
  4. Early creativity in the network can be found under the nickname "Misty Witch".
  5. The first work - "Dancing in the Night" - was posted on the Internet in 2009.
  6. The first edition in the format of a paper book - the novel "Just One Kiss" - in 2011. The series about the mercenary Hell was written earlier, but was published later.
  7. Starry Elena is married and has one child - a daughter. Age and name were not mentioned anywhere.


About the first published works, we have already toldhigher. In total, the author has more than 20 published works, among them a lot in paper format, which is now equated with the recognition of success. For example, one of the author's best series, The Academy of Curses, was printed only in 2014 and sold well, despite the fact that the electronic version could be read in 2012-2013, as individual books were written. Starry Elena wrote many books that were in demand among readers, for example, "All Witches of Redheads," "The Bride for a Villain"; "Dead games", etc. But these works are not liked by everyone, although the writer has her own army of fans, which tracks the release of all new products.

Elena Star biography of the author


Elena Zvezdnaya is subjected to ruthless criticism. No, this is not a reservation: they criticize the author first, and then the books. Elena Zvezdnaya often says that she is not a writer, she calls herself a graphomaniac, an amateur of typos and a symbiote of the program "Word". In general, it is written with humor and true, but this was the reason for attacks. Critics say that in this way Helen Zvezdnaya tries to nullify all possible attempts at criticism with the formulation "I'm not a writer, I'm not a professional that I can create something." Nevertheless, in the opinion of a large group of connoisseurs of good literature, if you get money for your work and publish, then you need to start to correspond somehow.

The second reason for criticism is in the author's books the seasadism, often psychological, sometimes physical, almost always with sexual coloring or overtones. There are things where it is almost imperceptible, and sometimes the whole book consists of similar scenes, but IT is everywhere. And the genre of works are related to easy love-fiction and humorous novels, where this is completely inappropriate.

The third serious reason for criticism isincompleteness of works. Almost half of the series has no end, Elena Zvezdnaya constantly starts developing new interesting projects without ending the old ones. For this author a large fat minus.

Well, petty claims: accusations of plagiarism - not in a global sense, but in borrowing interesting ideas; different inconsistencies in the plot, flat characters - in general, all the flaws of any modern novice author.

At the same time, all the books of the writer are readable, in most of them a good story and a lot of dynamics.

Who can read

This is a very difficult question. Starry Elena is not the author who can be recommended unambiguously for reading, or vice versa, advise to permanently exclude from his literary menu. Her works have many drawbacks, and not everyone is ready to accept this. We have already said that Elena Zvezdnaya is similar to Daria Dontsova in the field of creativity, both of these writers quite in demand. But as lovers of detectives are embarrassed to admit that they "sat down" on Dontsova's books, so fans of science fiction do not want to voice their passion for the work of Star Helen. Why only fanatki? Still, Starry Helen writes for girls, and this is seen in every line.

So try to read one of the books of the author - most likely, you will like those works in which there are not enough sadistic scenes, for example, the same "Academy of curses".

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