The origin of the name Elena is stillpre-Greek. It means "radiance" or "light." In Russia, this name was a prototype of beauty, subtlety and intelligence. For example, Elena the Beautiful. This name is very well known in the world thanks to Elena, because of which the Trojan War took place in antiquity. It has not lost its popularity for thousands of years. A common name is now.

The meaning of the name Elena
Characteristics of the name Elena

Lena is characterized by cheerfulness and strongemotionality. They are sociable, kind and open, witty and charming women, who are attracted to everything beautiful. As a child, these are a few reserved, obedient and modest children. The meaning of the name Elena gives her possessor the ability to study, but she does not notice much diligence for the girl. Lena "leaves", as a rule, thanks to her natural wonderful memory. But she likes to dream and can even dream up her world, in which she is a confident beauty, fabulously rich and living on a broad foot. Some Elena in this illusory world can live to old age, rejecting the existing reality. Because of this, they can miss a lot of good opportunities in life.

Adult title holders are lazy, butin general, they can work. The meaning of the name Elena stipulates that her owner easily communicates with people, beautifully and subtly knows how to flirt and diplomatically avoid conflicts. Lena has many friends, but she is not revealed to everyone. Since these girls are trusting, they are easily deceived. However, they do not forgive or even try to punish the deceived person. The meaning of the name Lena is best suited to the sign of the Zodiac Cancer. This sign - something melancholic, then open - in many respects similar to the name.

Origin of the name Elena

Pros and cons of the name

This name is characterized by a gentle beauty, presencea lot of harmonious cuts, a good combination with Slavic surnames and patronymics. In the character of Elena there are both positive and negative features, but there are no big drawbacks.

Characteristics of the name Elena
The meaning of the name Elena determines the strong health of its owners. However, throughout life it is necessary to pay attention to the kidneys, spine, intestines and pancreas.

In marriage, Lena takes care of children andhusband, however, work on housework (cooking, washing, cleaning) is a burden to her. At a young age the girl is very amorous. When she meets her future husband, she begins to be very jealous of him for hobbies and hobbies outside the family. In the wife Lena chooses a man with a high status or perspective. However, it can take a very long time. Some owners of the name get married very late. However, it also happens that Lena can fall in love with a person out of pity for him.

In professional activities, the meaning of a nameElena stipulates that good artists, designers, actresses, journalists, writers, directors, architects, hairdressers and masseurs come from her owners. Name day Lena is celebrating 3 and 8 June, 12 November, 24 July and 28 January. Christian patroness - the queen of Constantinople Saint Elena, actively promoted the spread of Christianity.

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