Among readers recently very populargenre of fantasy. In this style, many authors write, giving all comers to read books as excellent quality, and not very much. The first type can be attributed to the famous Russian writer Helen Star. Her books are very fascinating, they can find such positive traits as dignity, honor, love, strength of friendship and many others.

In this article, we will examine who Elena Starstvennaya is, all the books on the series (the list of which is quite impressive), as well as the readers' comments on her work.

Elena Zvezdnaya all books by series list

Biography and the beginning of the writer's work

Immediately it should be said that Elena's personal lifeStellar readers are little known. She does not advertise it at all. It is known that the name and surname by which she signs her books are an alias. She is married, and she has two children (the latter she gave birth only recently). But the first works of the writer were published on the website "Samizdat", where readers could get to know them and appreciate it.

The first novel was "Dancing in the Night," whichthe author first laid out on the Internet in 2009. And the first novel that went to press was "Just one kiss." In print, it was released in 2011. Then followed the book "Ranmarn Academy", a series of books "Hell" and others. Elena Zvezdnaya immediately won the hearts of readers. Her books are not an empty description of events. In each there are strong personalities, strong feelings and passions.

Reading the works, you really experience everythingevents that occur, empathize with the heroes. As if you are there. Obviously, this is why the writer has so many admirers, as well as more positive reviews about her books than negative ones.

The audience, which reads the book Star,completely different. Of course, most of them are teenagers and young people, but a lot of older readers too. Attracts them in books is that the existing love line is described without debauchery, although quite passionately. But still more attention is paid to the senses. Thus, I want to re-read again and again the works written by Elena Zvezdnaya. All the books on the series (list), as well as individual novels, will be considered below.

A series of books "Hell"

One of the first books of the writer was the cycle "Adventures of the mercenary Hell." To date, it includes three books:

  1. "Training mercenaries."
  2. "Adventure of a mercenary".
  3. "Hell. Promised syem lyuboff. "

The first book was published in print in2001, the second - in 2012. The third part is a fanfic with a happy ending at the request of the readers, but an official version of the book is also planned. The work describes the story of an ordinary earthly girl, who by chance fell on the planet of mercenaries. It was there that she discovered a special gift, thanks to which Hell (and she began to be called precisely this name) began her studies at the academy for mercenaries. Here she learns all sorts of wisdom, gets the right knowledge, and also gets out of various situations.

The second part of the cycle is written in the form of smallstories that are not related. It's like a story about the different affairs of mercenary Hell and her friends. The last part is, according to the writer herself, an alternative story, created according to the numerous requests of the readers. But in general, the official continuation of the cycle is planned, and not just one book.

the mercenary adventure cycle Hell

A series of books "The Academy of Curses"

Very interesting and quite large (as many as eightbooks) series of novels "Academy of Curses". It should be noted that this series and a few more can be attributed to the big cycle of the "Worlds of Chaos", since in them the characters of different works are intertwined, only the main storyline changes. So, let's consider what books are included in the series "Academy of Curses":

  1. "Lesson one: Do not curse your director."
  2. "Lesson two: Do ​​not get involved in questionable investigations."
  3. "Lesson three: Secrets are fatal."
  4. "Lesson Four: How to breed evil spirits for money."
  5. "Lesson Five: How not to get lost in the ancient vows."
  6. "Book six."
  7. "Book seven."
  8. "Book eight (final)."

This is a rather long history of investigation andpassionate love adepts Academy of the curses Deiki Riate and lord-director of the same Academy Rian Thiers. On their way to happiness they meet various difficulties, but they find wonderful friends (even among the frightening inhabitants of rulers), expose the intrigues of enemies and finally come to a logical wedding end. The series is written with humor, clearly traced the detective story, which involved the main characters.

worlds of chaos

A series of books "The Dark Empire"

This is another series of books that can be attributed toa large cycle of "Worlds of Chaos." It is a kind of continuation of the "Academy of Curses," because in the "Dark Empire" events occur after those that happened in the Academy. It includes three books:

  1. "The Dark Empire. Book One. "
  2. "The Dark Empire. The second book. "
  3. "The Dark Empire. Book Three ".

This story is much like the storylineprevious series, only the main love line is built around the closest friend of Lord Thiers - Darren Ellohar, the heir of Hell and the charming Nairina. Also in the novel there are other characters already familiar to us - adept Riate, her partner Yurao and others.

The novel "Ranmarn Academy"

This work is planned by the author as the firstin a cycle with the same name. The second book, which is called "Ranmarn's Debt", is planned to be released soon. And in the future will be written and released two more books.

The plot of the novel begins in an ideal and perfectworld, which is built on a clear hierarchy and the operation of the system. It is impossible to show feelings, then follow duty and "how better." The main character Lirel becomes a teacher at the academy, and then her wedding is arranged according to her duty, but love is given to another. The end of the novel is not at all happy, but in view of the fact that more books are planned in the series, it is possible that everything will end with a happy ending.

academy rannarn

The novel "The Bride for the Heir"

This book is part of a large cycle thatcalled "Legends of Trimian". In addition to it, the already-written series of "Catriona" entered the cycle, and several other similar series are planned. The novel "The Bride for the Heir" is the first book, in the future the second book should be written.

The main characters of the book are the heir of the gift of darknessTaSherr and Princess of Selenia. However, on the way to their happiness they will meet a lot of betrayals, adventures, sudden twists of fate. A certain prophecy determined the way of the village, for the right to marry her and call her strong in the confrontation of the powers of the world of Trimian.

legends of trimian

Other interesting books by the writer

Among other, not less interesting, books of Elena Zvezdnaya one can name:

  1. Terra series.
  2. Series "The Mystery of the Damned Duke".
  3. Series "The Mistress of His Majesty".
  4. Series "Kiran. Iristan ".
  5. "Matchmaker" series.

So, now you know the works thatwrote Elena Star. All books on the series, the list of which is presented above, as well as novels beyond the series are described in this article. Of course, this is not the end of her creative activity, but rather a temporary respite in connection with the birth of a child.


Summarize. Creativity of the writer is very exciting, despite the fact that many of the series are not completed and it is not known when it will happen. However, there is a desire to reread the finished works, which Elena Zvezdnaya wrote, all books on series, the list of which is quite impressive. This indicates a high level of the author's works.

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