In the film "Uchilka" the actors played the mosta real drama of our time: the students of the ordinary Moscow school bring their teacher of history to a white heat, and she decides to the most desperate step in her life. Was it possible to surprise the spectator with ribbon and what awards did she receive at the film festivals?

The creators of the picture and a short story

Directed by the drama "Uchilka" AlexeiPetrukhin. Petrukhin is better known as the producer of the horror "Wii", which in 2014 won first place in fees in the Russian box office. In the same picture Petrukhin played the role of the second plan - Khoma Brut. Before "Uchilki" as a director Alexey took only one tape - "To be or not to be."

teaching actors
For the filming of his social drama Petrukhin chose the school number 7 of the city of Korolev. By the way, one of the performers of the main role in the film, Andrei Merzlikin, studied at the same school.

In the drama "Uchilka" actors were invited quitedifferent: young talents to perform the roles of students, little-known actors and pretty popular people like Irina Kupchenko, Andrei Merzlikin and Alisa Grebenshchikova.

The plot of the film resembles a psychological thrilleron emotionality and intensity of development. Alla Nikolaevna is a history teacher and teaches at an ordinary school. But from the lesson to the lesson she encounters an impartial situation: the students do not listen to her at all, and even allow themselves to scoff at the already unhappy "teacher." Carried to the extreme, the heroine of Irina Kupchenko brings to school weapons and takes hostage class 11, without even knowing what it will turn out for her.

"Uchilka": actors and roles. Irina Kupchenko as Alla Nikolaevna

Irina Kupchenko is a recognized star of Soviet cinema. She appeared for the first time in the cinema in 1969, immediately gaining a major role, which is not often the case with actors.

actors of the film the teacher
Irina by nature was a little shy,therefore, despite my dreams about the theater, I did not dare to choose this profession for a long time. A whole year after school, the girl was disaccustomed to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in Kiev and only in the 66th she became a student at the Shchukin School.

In the filmography of the actresses are such popularfilms like The Noble Nest, Uncle Vanya, The Star of Captivating Happiness, The Ordinary Miracle, Sibiryada and many others. Kupchenko's partisans on the set were Oleg Yankovsky, Nikita Mikhalkov, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Sergei Bondarchuk, Vladimir Konkin, Andrei Mironov and many other famous actors.

In the film "Uchilka" actors Alexei Petrukhinwere selected carefully. It is difficult to imagine who could still cope with the role of "brought to the handle" teacher of history as good as Kupchenko. Irina was never afraid to look ridiculous in the frame. She was not shy in some movies playing "old maidens" and "blue stockings", although by nature has a pretty attractive appearance. Here and this time the actress got a very difficult task.

For the successful embodiment of the image, Irina Kupchenko waswas awarded the main prize of the XXIII Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe", the prize of the VIII International Film Festival "East and West. Classics and the Vanguard ", as well as the prize of the II Film Festival of the new Russian cinema" Awakening ".

The film "Uchilka": actors and roles. Andrey Merzlikin as Kadyshev

teaching actors and roles
According to the plot of the film, after the heroineIrina Kupchenko took hostage a whole class, an operational group headed by Colonel Kadyshev arrived at the negotiating school. His role was played by Andrei Merzlikin.

In the film "Uchilka" actors Kupchenko and Merzlikin, or, rather, their screen heroes, were on opposite sides of the barricades. But purely humanly, the hero Merzlikina understands an unhappy woman.

Andrew can also be seen in such famous projects as "Brest Fortress", "Motherland", "Fur-trees" and "Molodyozhka."

Alisa Grebenshchikova as Asya

film tutor actors and roles
The actors of the film "Uchilka" are basicallylittle known performers. However, Alisa Grebenshchikova is not among them. The girl often appears in the secular chronicle, actively acts in films and takes part in television shows.

In the project of Alexei Petrukhin Grebenshchikova got the role of a news correspondent named Nastya. The heroine of the actress covered the events that took place in the school where Alla Nikolaevna taught.

Grebenshchikov, in addition, can be seen in the films "Sherlock Holmes", "Faith, Hope, Love" and "Love-Carrot".

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