Leps Gregory has long been a landmark figure forRussian show business: no ceremony of awarding music awards, not a single hit parade can not do without it. To such success the native of Sochi went very long. With what difficulties did the singer have to face in life and who played the decisive role in his career?

Grigory Leps: biography, youth

Gregory was born in 1962 in Sochi. "Leps Gregory" is a creative pseudonym: according to the passport the singer is Grigory Lepsveridze.

Leps Gregory
He grew up in an ordinary Soviet family: mother worked at the bakery, father - at the meat-packing plant. The boy showed no interest in studying, but he felt a passion for music and football. Therefore, for a long time Gregory did not think where to go, and at the age of 14 went to the music school and graduated from it in the class of drums.

Then there was the army. And after having served the due time, Lepsveridze began to work on the dancefloors. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Gregory went to restaurants and pubs, where he began to earn decent money. True, he spent all his money on entertainment, in particular, the singer turned out to be a gambler and was losing large sums in casinos and slot machines.

The Sochi restaurant, in which Leps worked, was often visited by billionaires Iskander Makhmudov and Andrei Bokarev. It was these individuals who later played an important role in the singer's career.

The beginning of a variety career

Leps Gregory moved to Moscow, when he was alreadywas 30 years old. The singer said that he did not think of making a loud career, he just wanted to change the restaurant entourage to a different situation. In addition, Grigory already had some ties: for example, all in the same Sochi restaurant he met Oleg Gazmanov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Mikhail Shufutinsky and many other artists.

Grigory Leps biography
Despite the fact that eminent friends promised help, Grigory Lepsveridze remained "out of work". Disappointed in everything, Leps began to drink a lot and take drugs.

However, somehow he still released in1995 album entitled "Keep You Alone". The song from this album "Natalie" became a hit. Grigory Leps was even invited to the "Song of the Year", but shortly before the concert, the singer had pancreatonecrosis. After Leps was between life and death, he said goodbye to alcohol forever.

In 1997, the musician releases another album - "The Whole Life".

Grigory Leps: photo, first success in show business

In the 2000's. Leps's affairs began to improve: he released a new album "Thank you, people", the title song of which was the composition "Rat-jealousy". Leps Gregory got his own website and began to actively tour. In the same year, the singer lost his voice and was forced to postpone the operation on ligaments.

Grigory Leps photo
But by 2001 he recovered and returned to the stage with the album "On the Strings of the Rain", which earned Lepsveridze a big name. Hit "A glass of vodka on the table" was known to every second Russian. Also known were the songs "Angel of Tomorrow" and "Tango of Broken Hearts". It was then that Grigory Leps became the most popular Russian singer for the first time and to this day holds these positions.

In 2004, Leps released a collection of songs by Vysotsky, published under the name "Sail". And then the artist began to move smoothly from chanson to new genres.

All-Russian glory

Grigory Leps, whose biography represents a difficult life and creative path, released his sixth album in 2006, and the singer's tours went far beyond Russia.

Leps Gregory
And although Leps is undoubtedly talentedsinger and composer, he made a stunning career not only at the expense of his diligence and creative abilities. In the promotion of the singer was invested $ 8 million by his friends billionaires - Makhmudov and Bokarev. Only after such serious cash injections, expensive clips and concerts in the Kremlin became possible.

Investments of billionaires and Leps's talent led toto the fact that today Grigory Lepsveridze earns $ 12 million a year, has a lot of musical awards and even is a laureate of the World Music Awards 2014. Grigory Leps also has his own production center. He collaborated at various times with almost all the famous performers and composers in the territory of the former CIS: Irina Allegrova, Diana Gurtskaya, Viktor Drobysh, Ani Lorak, Konstantin Arsenyev and many others.

Family and Children

For all his life, Leps was married only two times. The first wife of Grigory Leps studied with him in a music school. Her name was Svetlana Dubinskaya. The woman gave birth to the singer's daughter Inga, but the marriage all the same quickly disintegrated.

wife of Gregory Leps

With the second wife, Grigory Leps met inMoscow, being already a famous singer. They met in a nightclub at one of the parties. With the second beloved - dancer Anna - the singer has been married for 15 years already, and they have three children: two daughters - Eva and Nicole, and also son Ivan. According to Leps, the secret of their long-playing and happy marriage with Anna is that she always and in all supported him.

Thus, Grigory Leps is a large father and an exemplary family man. Who knows, maybe soon another heir of his multi-million dollar fortune will appear in the world?

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