Anna Leps - the second wife of the famous singer -now lives in Thailand with three children. Gregory Leps often comes to the family. Frequent tours take up all of his time, but the singer manages to fly in any direction. Whether it's Moscow or Thailand, the plane will take Dad to the family for a while, cut between concerts.

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Living together

Today the couple is trying to give each otherYou can have more attention using any free window in a tight schedule. Children, of course, miss their father, but they understand that Dad is trying for them. Anna Leps gave birth to her husband two daughters - Eva and Nicole. The third child was Ivan, the long-awaited son. The family of Grigory Leps lived for a long time in Moscow. Spouses were engaged in the construction of a country house, where they planned to move to improve the health of children. The Moscow climate and perpetual infections, which are picked up by children in the garden and at school, forced to dream of parents about suburban housing and fresh air.

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Moving abroad

Anna Leps and Gregory decided to transport the children toA new house where they could enjoy peace. But life put obstacles - building brigades led the house into an eerie state, masking the shortcomings with plaster. Anna Leps came to despair from the protracted building until she heard the advice of a friend - to transport the children to Thailand, where she lived. The Leps family made a radical decision. Now children study in local schools and improve their health on the ocean.

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How it all began

Wise and dignified wife was Anna Leps. Her biography began in the Ukrainian town, where she graduated from a dance school and began to make a career as a dancer. Anna danced in several show-ballets of Moscow, until one day at a social event she was not noticed by Grigory Leps. He watched the pretty dancer from afar for a while until she knew about it. Grigory told his friend about his intention to marry the girl he liked, and later he got the resolve and went to get acquainted with his chosen one at one of the parties. Hardly introduced, the singer invited the dancer to change her name and become a lady named Anna Leps. The biography of the girl was to change immediately, finally and irrevocably, according to Gregory. But the proposal was not accepted for a long time. Anna refused the fan again and again, until on one of the dreary evenings she decided to meet with a stubborn man out of politeness. Gregory phoned her from time to time, hoping to get consent for the meeting, and achieved all the same his. A novel was started, which ended with a wedding, as the singer planned.

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Happy marriage

Intuition did not disappoint Gregory, when he was from the firstglance determined in the girlfriend whom he liked, his future wife, and not just his wife, but a loyal and faithful friend, a good mother of her children and a real woman, a companion of life. The singer happily appears at social events with a beautiful wife who has not changed at all after the birth of three children, has retained the figure and continues to evoke the admiring glances of others. On the pages of magazines you can often see together a couple - Grigory and Anna Leps. Photos of happy spouses invariably continue to decorate themselves with secular chronicles. The spouse always and in everything supports the husband, the more so that their views coincide with almost all life aspects. Both received strict Soviet education, which forces spouses and their children not to spoil too much. Show off father - the idol of millions, the children are not accepted, the eldest daughter Eva, on the contrary, tries to hide her father's fame, in order to avoid false acquaintances arising for the sake of self-interest. Younger people also take an example from it.

Grigory Leps, Anna Leps - hospitable andhospitable hosts. In their house, the guests' doors are always open, a hospitable table is set, despite the fact that the singer himself is on a strict diet after several attacks of an ulcer. He categorically does not take alcohol and avoids fried and spicy food, and the wife tries to support her husband and give him as much attention as possible. The singer's health is a serious topic in the family. Very worried about the spouses and the state of the vocal cords of the singer, because the voice for Gregory Leps - this is his whole life. Anna is very worried about her husband, when health problems happen and tries to support him as much as possible.

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