In many respects great people make it theirof the chosen one. This can be attributed to the family couple Gregory Leps and Anna Shaplykova. Grigory Leps, despite the popularity and constant attention from women, for a long time was alone. Being married once and having an adult daughter, he did not hurry to marry a second time. And now, a cozy family happiness found him.

History of dating

The name is "happiness" Anna Shaplykova. The story of their acquaintance is very comical and romantic at the same time. At the first meeting, Leps introduced himself and ... made a proposal of the hand and heart. Of course, he was refused. A young girl, a dancer from the ballet of Laima Vaikule Anna Shaplykova, could not imagine that her future husband was in front of her. At the moment of acquaintance Lepsu was 38, Anna - 29. Their acquaintance occurred at the birthday of her husband Laima. It is worth noting that Leps that day saw Anna not for the first time, several months ago, he drew attention to her. And then he said that this girl would become his wife. The man said the man did. Anna Shaplykova at the time of acquaintance only joked, inquiring about the presence of the Moscow residence permit. And then Leps did not have her. And there is no propiska, no wedding, so Anna Shaplykova joked. The ballerina was really interested in getting a visa to go on tour in Europe. After all, she herself was a citizen of Ukraine.

Anna Shaplykova

Anna Shaplykova: biography

Biography of the dancer started in Ukraine. It is from there that she comes from. Anna Shaplykova was born on May 13, 1972 in the Dnepropetrovsk region, in the city of Nikopol. Her career as an artist began after the termination of the Crimean School of Culture, where she graduated from the department of choreography. She worked as a dancer in the ballet of Laima Vaikule. Grigory Leps and Anna Shaplykova did not become a couple at once. After meeting their paths parted, Anna went on tour to another city, and her heart was not free at that time.

Anna Shaplykova biography

How could Leps conquer Anna?

As a real man, Leps did not think to back away fromhis. He did not stop courting Anna, although he was not intrusive. He gave flowers, gifts, was always there, but Anna had a man, and she paid no attention to Leps. When circumstances developed that the girl was alone and agreed to drink tea with the famous artist, their love story began. Since then, the couple have been together for 15 years.

Anna Shaplykova Leps's wife
Economic and housekeeping peculiar to AnnaAs Taurus on a horoscope, have helped to create a home cosiness. For Leps, the ideal of a woman and wife is Anna Shaplykova. Date of birth Leps - July 16, 1962. He is on the horoscope of Cancer, and for Cancer the priority is the family and children. Perhaps their horoscopes have developed so well, and a strong family has turned out. They became husband and wife only a year after the birth of their first daughter. There is a family legend that Anna thought whether to legitimize their relationship with Gregory, because they already lived together. She asked the icon of the Blessed Patron to give her a sign. And the next day I found out that I was expecting a baby.


All in all, the famous four have children. The eldest daughter, Eva, was born in 2002, the average daughter, Nicole, was born in five years, in 2007. And the third child, Ivan, was born in 2010. Grigory Leps dreamed of his son, because apart from his two daughters with Anna, he has one more grown daughter from his first marriage. The son of Gregory at home calls Vano. Now he is still quite small and needs more care of his mother. But Leps eagerly awaits when he can talk with him heart to heart. The disagreement in the upbringing of children from a married couple is not. Although they live in prosperity, they do not want to spoil the money and surplus children.

Grigory Leps and Anna Shaplykova

How Anna became a housewife

End the career of an artist - for someone difficultstep. It is quite another matter - Anna Shaplykova. Her biography after the meeting with Leps changed a lot when she chose the role of housewife and keeper of the family hearth. No one forced her or forced her to throw a scene. On this issue there were no serious disputes and disagreements, everything turned out by itself. Yes, and age forced to make a choice. When they began to live together, Anna was almost 30. According to Anna, after 30, you either need to start teaching, or completely quit the stage. And it turned out that Anna was expecting a baby. For her, this was the determining factor to devote herself to her husband and child, to her family. It is in her character and in her vital values. What can be more important than family? Nothing. Perhaps that's why Leps chose it, because he always dreamed of the quiet family comfort that Anna Shaplykova could arrange.

Anna Shaplykova ballet dancer

Relations with the husband and children

Anna is quite happy in marriage. Although for someone this is not happiness at all. After all, the spouses do not see so often. Leps has a difficult touring schedule, and it is rare at home. But Anna is a wise and loving wife. She accepted Gregory as he is. And Leps without music would no longer be Leps. Therefore Anna perfectly copes with the role of a caring mother for three charming children, with the role of wife and mistress of the house. And Leps - the main earner in the family, who earns a living, comfort and comfort of the household. Here is their formula for happiness. The time when Leps is at home, he dedicates to children, and this time is enough for them. Relations between Anna and Grigory with children are very good.

Anna Shaplykova
Leps on stage and at home are two completely differentrights. On the stage - a hurricane of emotions, at home - complete peace and tranquility. All this was able to create for him Anna. But this does not mean that Grigory Leps and Anna Shaplykova simply exist with each other, and there is no love. Decisions on important defining points Leps accepts, consulting only with his wife. For him, she is a reliable rear and support.

Life Now

When a couple had children, a loving husband and fatherbuilt for his family a comfortable home in the suburbs, in Korovino. Here and a lot of space for a large family, and fresh air for children. In 2013, the family decided to move to Thailand. Moving to a distant exotic country was given quite easily. To see her husband Anna did not become less likely. After all, with a busy schedule of tours around the world, it's sometimes easier to fly to Thailand than to Moscow. Nature and climate are very popular with Anna and children. The eldest daughter, Eva, was quite good at knowing English and could explain herself on it. So she had no problems with the adaptation in school. Now she is very interesting, although not so easy to learn, she studies 3 languages ​​- English, French and German, she is engaged in swimming. The average daughter, Nicole, did not go to school in Russia, she went only in Thailand. She is very moving, emotional and artistic child. Her direct road to show business - parents are sure. Well, the younger, Vanya, also everything suits. Anna Shaplykova is happy with her life.

Anna Shaplykova Date of birth
Leps's wife gave birth to 3 beautiful children, but shemanaged to keep an excellent shape. However, this high-impact blonde can be seen somewhere in the glamorous get-togethers is impossible. Anna Shaplykova - not a public person, does not like to give frequent interviews and flashed in the pages of fashion magazines. Her main status in life is to be a wife and mother.

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