Summer is a season of rest on the beach, the sea, the sun,swimsuits, and, of course, the period of sunglasses. The season has not yet begun, and many are already scouring for a newfangled accessory. It's enough for someone to buy just dark glasses, without an idea and style, but someone, on the contrary, takes them very seriously. Real connoisseurs of sun protection accessories spend a lot of time searching for new brand models. In the article, we will consider new trends and recall the existence of models that have already become classics.

Sunglasses Models

Among the available models, we can distinguish the following:

  1. Sports. This model never goes out of fashion. Its feature is rectangular lenses, which are decorated with various prints.
  2. "Aviator" - a model that appears in the list of fashion trends, it disappears. In 2017 glasses "aviator", again went into fashion, but provided they have a mirror lens.
  3. "Wanderers" - it seems, the most universal model of glasses. They have clear lines that fit any style of clothing.
  4. Round glasses. A man's model that goes far beyond everyone. It looks good on men with the right features. On the other glasses with round lenses, most likely will look ridiculous.

Incidentally, the last few years, this model is commonly called glasses "like Leps."

models of sunglasses

And its name, as is not hard to guess, thismodel deserved thanks to all the famous singer Grigory Leps, who made this accessory an integral part of his image. So there was also a new trade mark of sunglasses "Gregory Leps".

Points "like Leps" - fashion brand 2017

All points of TM "Gregory Leps" are known not onlythanks to the singer, but also because of its uniqueness and uniqueness. A round shape is worn by those who want to emphasize their individuality and stand out from the crowd. The creator of glasses very carefully approaches the details of the collection, which indicates the degree of responsibility when creating it.


Thanks to this, all models are qualitative andcreated at a high creative level. Only high-quality materials are used for their production. All glasses of TM "Grigory Leps" are made in Italy, at the factory of the well-known company "Atmosphere". The company is famous for its modern technologies, attitude to detail and jewelry quality of products.

Therefore, lovers of glasses "like Leps" may not worry about how long it will serve them an acquisition, however, provided that they have bought not a fake.

Quality is an important criterion when choosing glasses

Many today underestimate the functionspoints, considering that this is an ordinary accessory and a way to hide your eyes from the sun. Not everyone knows that buying a cheap, unverified model, the buyer runs the risk of harming his vision. Therefore, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the lenses and the quality of the material from which the glasses are made.

In this case, it is better to buy an expensive model and at the same time be sure that nothing can damage your eyes, save and then spend a lot of money to restore vision.

Round glasses for men

It does not matter on which model you stop yourchoice - will be sports or glasses "like Leps". The main thing is that they are from a reliable manufacturer. In order to make sure of this, every buyer at purchase has the right to demand from the seller a certificate of quality.

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