Two years after the scandalous and not toosuccessful in the rental of the film "Exodus: Kings and Gods" there is another blockbuster on the theme of Ancient Egypt. An ancient civilization with a rich history and mythology continues to excite the imagination of writers and directors, prompting them to create ambitious projects, impressive with their budget, special effects and the most eminent cast. It's about the film Alex Proyas "Gods of Egypt." Actors and roles, the plot, the budget, criticism and box office - you will learn all this further.

About the plot

gods of Egypt actors and roles

Egyptian mythology, characterized by complexity andextreme confusion, is a real source of inspiration for the writers. It has everything: revenge, love, cruelty and generosity. The plot of the film is based on several ancient Egyptian myths, telling about the struggle for power between the two gods: Seth and Gore.

The kingdom on the banks of the Nile flourishes in the world andwell-being, people and gods are preparing side by side for an important event - the coronation of a new king. Ceremonies are not fated to take place, it interferes with the cruel god of darkness and the war Seth. He kills Osiris and seizes the throne, depriving the eye and sending his main competitor, Gore, to imprisonment. The gods of Egypt (actors and roles are listed below in the text) are entering into a fierce struggle. In the company of a young thief Gore goes on a campaign, risking everything that he has left, including life.

Interesting Facts

  • For the director A. Proyas ("Raven", "I, Robot", "Dark City" and "Sign"), this film was the first in the last seven years.
  • Despite the fact that the film about Egypt, in the picture was not involved any Egyptian. Moreover, the director and company Lionsgate were forced to apologize for the predominance of the "white" cast.
  • Interestingly, the film involved about 200 people (a group and actors) who worked on creating the picture "Mad Max: The Road of Fury."
  • Additional preparation was required D. Butler and NK Waldau before filming the movie "Gods of Egypt." Actors and roles are chosen quite harmoniously. However, D. Butler admitted that as soon as he found out who his character was, he immediately thought about what he would have to do with his physical form. The viewer will certainly appreciate his athletic and athletic figure. N. K. Waldau (photo below), too, did not stay on the sidelines and significantly lost weight.

gods of egypt nikolay bonester valdau

  • The episodes, which unfold in the desert, were filmed in Australia, shooting in the Sahara was considered too dangerous.

"Gods of Egypt": Nikolay Koster Waldau

Dane Nikolai Koster Waldau is not knownonly as an actor, but also as a screenwriter, producer and director. Great success and popularity brought him the role of Sir James Lanister in the television series "The Game of Thrones". In the film, he played the role of the narcissistic god of the sun and sky - Horus (the son of Osiris and Isis). The Egyptians portrayed him as a man with a falcon's head. This fact is reflected in the picture when creating the armor of the character.

"Gods of Egypt": Brenton Thwaites

gods egypt brenton thuites

Young Australian actor Brenton Twates forHis short career has already managed to take part in very well-known projects, such as the "Blue Lagoon" and "Malifiscent". In the film "Gods of Egypt" he played the role of a young thief. His character is a brave and kind guy, he is in love and ready to do anything to free his girlfriend Zana from the slave bonds. It is she who helps him steal the eyes of Horus from the treasury. For the lovers a chase is organized, during which the girl is killed.

The character of Gerard Butler

Star of the movie "300 Spartans" - Scottishactor of cinema and television Gerard Butler - performed in the picture "Gods of Egypt" the role of Set. His character is the personification of rage, chaos, wars and destruction, death and sandstorms. Seth Egyptians depicted in different ways: a man with a donkey's head with a fire mane and burning eyes, or a crocodile, or snakes. It is interesting that initially he, as well as Gore, was revered as a patron of the tsarist government and much later made him an antagonist.

Gerard Butler

As already mentioned above, Gerard Butler beforebegan shooting a good muscle mass. Despite the fact that he is a negative character, he is very sympathetic to the viewer. And the actor, by the way, is considered the most benevolent in Hollywood.

Criticism and box office fees

The budget of the film was 140 million dollars. He hardly exceeded the box office at the box office. The picture did not have much success, besides it was marked mainly by negative reviews of critics. One of the most well-known causes is excessive abuse of computer graphics, discriminating the cast (mostly "white"), as well as simplifying the complex mythology of Egypt to please the audience. Have been awarded negative criticism for the film "Gods of Egypt" actors and roles. They were considered too stereotyped, predictable. In general, the picture has, according to the popular American kinoportal, 3.5 points out of the possible ten.

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