Family comedy "Two: I and my shadow "appeared on screens in the autumn of 1995. Despite such a respectable age, the film still does not lose its popularity, it is a good way to pass the evening, relax and relax.


9-year-old orphan Amanda, sociable and active,goes to summer camp during the summer holidays. There she quite accidentally meets Alice, a quiet girl from a wealthy family who lives near the camp. The oddity is that these girls are like twins, although they are not siblings. Quickly making friends, Amanda and Alisa change places. The girls plan to bring Roger, Alice's father, to Diana, the guardian of Amanda, who works in a children's shelter. But for this it is necessary to prevent Roger, a naive and kind person, from marrying the rich and arrogant Clarisse Kensington. And for this all means are good!

Actors of the film "Two: I and My Shadow"

The creators of the film

Kersti Elli and Steve Guttenberg, actors ("Two: I and My Shadow "), played Diana and Roger.The role of Amanda went to Mary-Kate Olsen, Alice - to her sister Ashley.This was the first major role in the career of young actresss.The rest of the actors in the film" Two: I and My Shadow "- Jane Sibbet and Philip Bosco, played Clarissa, the bride of Roger, and the butler Vincenzo respectively.

For Andy Tennant, who acted asdirector, it was the first non-television film. Before that, he filmed episodes of television series, was the producer of several little-known television films. After the painting "Two: I and My Shadow" he made several comedies, appeared as a screenwriter for several Hollywood paintings.

Actors "Two: I and my shadow "got a big fame after this film.Olsen began to be invited to the main roles in children's and youth films, mostly comedies.Mary and Ashley starred in the films" Dad from the Poster "," The Seventh Heaven "," Once in Rome ".

Actors "Two: I and my shadow"

Already a year after the release of the film "Me and my shadow" in the rental of the sisters Olsen became the youngest millionaires in history.


In the film, well-known actors were shot. "Two: I and my shadow" was saved from the box-office failure due to their participation, although the fees were small.

Viewers liked the film, on the movie sites of histhe ratings are above average. However, critics did not appreciate the tape. The Los Angeles Times magazine called the film predictable, but funny. The simplicity of the story attracted the attention of many critics. But for a family comedy, a simple storyline is not the biggest drawback. The script and acting skills are important, and the actors ("Two: I and My Shadow") coped with their roles, creating a kind, funny, simple comedy for the whole family.

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