tongues of aubergines
Eggplant is a vegetable that the hostess likes for hisversatility and neutral taste. Thanks to these qualities, it can be added to any vegetable stew, casseroles, to make with it sharp salads, marinades and harvested for the winter. But today let's look at how to make "tongues" of eggplants - such a delicious and unusual dish, which, by the way, looks very beautiful on the festive table. Usually, this treat is prepared with other vegetables: tomatoes, garlic, Bulgarian pepper - and to create a ruddy crust, use cheese or mayonnaise.

The recipe for the tongues of eggplant

For several portions of delicious dishes you will need:

- 2 large or medium aubergines - choose thick enough and long vegetables to be conveniently cut into "tongues";
- 300 gr. cheese (solid, like "Parmesan" or "Cheddar");
- 6 heads of garlic;
- 150 gr. mayonnaise;
- for decoration - a handful of pomegranate seeds and a bunch of fresh greens.

recipe for reeds from eggplant
"Yazychki" for aubergines are prepared as followsway: rinse vegetables, do not need to clean them, then cut into longitudinal plates up to 1 centimeter thick. Put the billets in a bowl, season with salt and leave to stand for half an hour - so the vegetables will be bitter, they must be rinsed again before frying. After this, pour a little vegetable oil on a very heated frying pan, wait until it becomes very hot, and in turn fry the eggplant from both sides. Why so? The fact is that during the cooking these vegetables absorb oil, like a sponge, and to avoid this, you just need to reduce the roasting time - that's why both the frying pan and the oil in it should be heated to the limit. When all the "tongues" of eggplants are ready, put them on a plate, which you need to lather with a paper napkin - so will leave excess fat. After that, prepare the sauce: mix the mayonnaise, grated cheese and squeezed garlic - and well spread them slices of vegetables. After this, roll up, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and finely chopped fresh herbs.

"Yazuchki" from eggplant with cheese, tomatoes and sausage, baked in the oven

For aromatic treats on the festive table, take:

- 2 large eggplants;
- 1 ripe tomato;
- 1 bunch of parsley;
- 100 gr. cheese (solid);
- 50 gr. any sausage, it is best to take "salami" or any smoked;
- butter - and butter, and vegetable;
- For sauce - 150 gr. mayonnaise and a few cloves of garlic.

Eggplant with eggplant and cheese
As in the previous recipe, eggplant wash,cut into large longitudinal slices 1 cm thick. Put into a bowl, season with salt and let stand for 20-30 minutes. During this time, mix mayonnaise, squeezed garlic and parsley - this will be a vegetable sauce. Grate the cheese on a grater, cut sausage into slices, tomatoes - round slices. When eggplants have given juice, rinse them again with running water and pat dry. After that, slice each slice with butter first, then sauce, put a couple of slices of sausage and tomatoes on top. Send it to a preheated oven (220-250 degrees) for 10 minutes. After this, take out the pan, sprinkle the vegetables with cheese and continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Fragrant "tongues" of eggplants under a ruddy cheese crust can be served to the table - in hot form they will become a wonderful snack, which, be sure, will please all your guests.

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