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A nice "Ararat" is in good health ...

Cognac "Ararat" is a real legend. It is made from a special grapes that grows in a unique microclimate, according to a recipe that has been tested by time.

cognac ararat 5 stars reviews

Unique climate

The sunny valley of Ararat is located at a height700 m above sea level. Its microclimate is unique. It seems to have been specially created to grow grapes on it. The sun illuminates it for 300 days out of 365 a year. Mountains save the wind.

Consequences of the invasion of aphids

It is also unique in that during the largeepidemic phylloxera, when many of the vineyards in the world were affected, the plantations in this valley were not infected. The epidemic has made its own adjustments to the world of winemaking. Many wine growers suffered heavy losses. Therefore, since then, they prefer to grow specially bred varieties, which do not affect this grape disease. At the same time used for the manufacture of cognac and wines for many years, grape varieties have become more resistant to pests. However, along with the modification over themselves they lost certain taste characteristics.

Only the valley of Ararat remained speciala mysterious place that escaped this fate. The grapes here were not genetically modified and retained their exquisite natural taste. It is a local variety and is used for making "Ararat" cognac.

cognac ararat 5 stars reviews how to distinguish a fake
These are just some of the reasons for the special taste of Armenian brandy "Ararat" 5 stars. Reviews only confirm its uniqueness.

The method of distillation

Another indicator of the uniqueness of cognacArmenian valley is a method of double distillation, which is used in making an exquisite strong drink. Thanks to him, it is possible to preserve the original flavor of the used grapes. This method was patented by the Cognac Factory in Yerevan.

cognac ararat 5 stars reviews how to distinguish a fake

Cognac is kept in special wooden barrels. The technology of their manufacture is well known only at the cognac factory. All the barrels that are used today are made here, by local craftsmen.

cognac ararat 5 stars reviews how to distinguish a fake photo

All this also makes it special.

"Ararat" became a real business card,the legend of Armenia, one of its symbols, which is known far beyond its borders. On European websites about the best strong drinks brandy Armenian "Ararat" 5 star reviews collected as a worthy competitive alcoholic drink with its history and special taste.

The legendary name unites seven different kinds of cognac. But each of them is not by itself notorious and has its own history. Everyone has no less flattering than the cognac "Ararat" 5 stars, reviews.

The scope of falsification

Unfortunately, not all who try brandy "Ararat"5 stars reviews leave positive. This is explained by the fact that falsified cognacs are found in some regions much more than the original.

Today, fake alcohol has taken unprecedenteddimensions. Armenian cognacs, unfortunately, are faked more often than others. You can find on the Internet from those who appreciate the real cognac "Ararat" 5 stars, reviews how to distinguish a fake.

The substitute "Ararat"

Those who are not lucky enough to get a real cognac "Ararat" 5 stars, leave feedback with their observations about what can be bought in a beautiful cognac bottle instead of the sunny "Ararat".

1. Cognac beverage with a short aging time.

2. A mixture of tea with alcohol.

Unfortunately, to determine the purchased "cat in a sack"many have only organoleptic. But not everyone can accurately distinguish a fake and in that case. Fans who respect the cognac "Ararat" 5 stars, testimonials how to distinguish a fake, the photo is left on different sites and warns that the danger lies not only in the fact that the taste will differ significantly, but also in the fact that there are cases of poisoning with a fake drink .

How to buy what you need

How can you not mistake yourself and buy the one that has already become a legend?

Perhaps, it is worth reading, what they say about cognac "Ararat" 5 stars reviews.

So, advice on choosing this "Ararat" 5 stars.

Some cognac gourmets claim that knowledge of this three conditions will protect against the acquisition of any fakes.

1. The bottom of the cognac bottle is decorated with the name of cognac. It is executed in relief in the glass.

2. The bottle is provided with a transparent cap. It has a ribbon-type hologram with the EKZ brand. And the transparent cap itself has perforation along the edge.

3. On the bottle above, above the label, the name of the cognac and date of its spill are marked. The letters are very small, so it's worth to be more careful.

cognac ararat 5 stars reviews

There are also those who act simpler. Without reading before buying "Ararat" cognac 5 stars, how to distinguish a fake, they recommend not to look for "in the picture ... the difference is twelve." And just find on the bottle the phone number of the distributor and call to him to find out whether the in this store this cognac.This recipe is effective, provided that the buyer has free time and the desire for telephone communication.

However, do not rely on reviews for all 100. So, there are different comments on the Internet about the Nizhny Novgorod market selling brandy "Ararat" 5 stars. "Magnet" reviews have negative, as a seller of falsified cognac, and vice versa, positive.


Unfortunately, to determine the purchased "cat in a sack"many have only experienced. But not everyone will be able to pinpoint originality in this case. Some tips on how to distinguish a fake consist in determining the simple organoleptic properties of a drink. and even before its purchase.

1. Consistency of the drink. The real Armenian drink seems thick. It looks like an oily liquid. Before buying, you should determine these properties of cognac in the bottle. For this, the container is turned upside down. If a large drop falls from the bottom or if there are traces of dripping on the bottle wall, this indicates a good quality of the drink. But what if the bottle is full? Then it is recommended to turn the bottle all the same and pay attention to the presence and direction of the bubbles movement. In a good cognac, large bubbles rise first, and then small ones.

2 Transparency of the drink. The present is always extremely transparent. There are no impurities, no precipitation whatsoever.

3. Color. But this property can vary. It depends on many indicators. For example, from aging, from the period of the novelty of the barrels, in which the cognac "grew up", from the volume of caramel that was added.

4. The label. It is bright, neat and symmetrically glued to the bottle. Sometimes they are made relief, as in banknotes. The label contains brief but useful information. It is necessary to have an excise stamp.

5. Aroma. This cognac has an aroma that evaporates over time, changing its shades. The smell of a fake drink is always the same.

The original first heard an oak smell. Then it changes to the aroma of caramel, and then - to the smell of grapes.

cognac ararat 5 stars magnet reviews

The Armenian "Ararat" is worth it to drink it with pleasure. This requires only a little care and scrupulousness when buying.

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