That, to what it is dreamed to cut hair, canportend positive and negative events. Each source interprets this dream in its own way. However, in order to correctly interpret it, all details must be taken into account.

Why dream about cutting hair?
Dream interpretation of Felomen: why dream about cutting hair

This dream can mean that someone frombusiness partners of the sleeper do not trust him. The dream in which the hair is cut can also talk about the loss of motivation and lack of incentives for doing business because of another failure. The sleeper should gather and continue his attempts. He should not belittle his dignity. If the sleeper shears the hair of a man, then in his inattention in real life, he can cause damage to someone. Therefore, he should be more responsible about his actions and words.

Dream, in which the sleeper is going to be sheared insalon, is a warning. A person should be careful not to succumb to fleeting temptations, otherwise his honest name may suffer. If the sleeper visits the master hairdresser, then he will acquire some valuable things. As the dream book says, cutting your bangs yourself is not good. This is a warning that very soon we should expect events that will upset the dreamer's affairs and cause him a lot of trouble. If someone sleeps trimming a bang - this is to increase the property. To put it to another person - to the favor of fate, to successes in career and on the love front.

Dream Interpret the bangs
Dream of Veles: what is it that dreams of cutting hair

This dream can dream of a disease,litigation, treason and loss, as well as conscription. Cut or trim the braid - to deceit, shame, divorce, various misfortunes and property losses.

The right dream book

Cutting hair in a dream portends unhappiness.

East dream book

For a young lady, the dream in which she goesto be cut in a hairdresser's, is a sign of the soon achievement of a very important, cherished goal. However, this may be accompanied by a scandalous story that could damage its reputation. If the master just cuts his hair, the planned trip or business trip will break. When a hairdresser sleeping makes a beautiful hairstyle in a dream, in reality he will have a frivolous easy relationship.

Family dream book: why dream about cutting hair

Self-haircut - todisappointments and losses. Do it to another person - to an unexpected huge profit. Shear the hair from someone else's palm - get a good profit from this person. If a young lady dreams that she is equating her beard, in reality she will receive a dishonest profit or will be unjust in relation to others. When a man shaves his beard, he is in for a lot of trouble, which suddenly fall on him.

Dream Interpretation shortly
Winters dream: short cut

If a person feels displeasure because he has too short a haircut, this is a warning against excessive haste and fussiness in business, because they can greatly harm the sleeper.

Ukrainian dream book

Cut your hair - unfortunately. Cut the unruly whore - to some loss. Shear the braids - to a great shame. If the girl dreamed that someone cut her braids, then in reality she will part with a man. To be in a hairdresser's - to difficulties and losses.

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