Scorpions are children of autumn. Born from October 24 to November 21, people are able, like the autumn weather, then to endow the surrounding with summer heat, then freeze them with their anger.

Attractive, but impulsive, charming, eager to rest, but unable to contain their negative emotions, people born under this sign, are not easy to build relationships.

The compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac "Scorpio" with other signs largely depends on the ability of the latter to adapt to the violent temperament of the "biting" sign.

Compatibility Scorpio-Aries always stands underquestion. Bright, purposeful, active signs only in that case will be able to get along on one territory, if at least one of them will try to change. Business relations of these signs are much more successful than family ones.

Taurus - Scorpio. Their compatibility is almost ideal, because the advantages of one sign compensate for the shortcomings of the other. Good marriage, successful business relations, successful sex. Taurus will sometimes have to restrain Scorpio, so there may be violent scandals that end in the same stormy reconciliation.

Gemini - Scorpio. Compatibility, which at first seems quite possible, soon becomes unrealistic. Scorpios will be irritated by the superficial, from their point of view, Gemini character, and those in turn will be burdened by the despotic requirements of the partner.

Cancer is Scorpio. Compatibility is built on mutual understanding and attraction. However, for Scorpio half for life will remain a mystery, while Cancer will perfectly understand his partner.

Leo - Scorpio is passion, a storm of emotions, pressure, suspicion, dynamics. Such relationships are more suitable for connections on the side than for building a family.

Virgo - Scorpio. Placing the home and her husband above all else, the Virgins will peregryzut anyone who does not show proper attention to their home or partner. That's why they can live with Scorpio for a long time, often arranging emotional storms and creating conflict situations.

Scales - Scorpio. Compatibility is built on mutually beneficial emotional and energy support. About such pairs they say that their "marriage was accomplished in heaven", so few earthly cares and material aspirations in it.

Scorpio - Scorpio. The compatibility of the sign is exactly the same as that of their deserted brethren, planted in one jar. First, constant rivalry strongly raises partners over other people. Their disputes and scandals help to make career leaps and achieve material prosperity. But in the end, the Scorpions are so tired of "eating" each other, that the weakest is just running away.

Sagittarius - Scorpio. If Sagittarius for a moment is able to forget about the excellent intuition of the latter (and he will forget), he will not subdue his desire for love adventures (which he will not be able to do), then the marriage will not last for two years. The wrath of Scorpio and the tension created around this sign will force Sagittarius to flee.

Capricorn - Scorpio. The first seeks material achievement, the second - to an emotionally filled life. If lovers are spiritually developed, if they do not compete, marriage will be pleasant, long, though not without quarrels.

Aquarius is Scorpio. They can live together only if everyone is on his own. Even if the marriage takes place, the relationship will be so confusing that they are unlikely to be able to understand lovers. Therefore, either such a union will last for many years, interrupted by clarification of relations, scandals and mutual contempt, or disintegrate almost immediately. However, partners will continue to communicate, and, perhaps, a love affair.

Pisces - Scorpio. Their lives will be greatly complicated by the same phobias, neuroses, and fears. However, strong Scorpions will always patronize the romantic and weak, at first glance, Pisces, which quite suits the latter. Probably, this is one of the longest and successful alliances.

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