Compatibility of the Lion and Scorpio, of course,leaves much to be desired. Representatives of these signs can hardly be seen sitting next to each other on a bench in an embrace and looking at the starry sky or strolling through the park by the handle. The thing is that their style of communication is quarrels, caustic banter over themselves and alliances. Their communication looks very bold from the outside, it seems that they are about to tear each other. Who is stronger: Scorpio or Leo - is not always clear. But one thing is known for sure: this style of communication allows them to maintain in their relationship some kind of tension necessary to feed them themselves. In other words, they like to "tamper with each other" constantly ... Strange couple, right? About this and talk.

compatibility of lion and scorpion

Compatibility of the Lion and Scorpio in life

Here we are dealing with the case when bothsign are endowed with powerful energy, which they are without a twinge of conscience ready to splash each other. In this case, they behave like perverts in relation to each other. For example, Scorpio is very attracted and turns lion optimism, his sincerity and generosity! All is explained simply: Scorpio is an unbalanced person, subject to frequent attacks of pessimism, and the radiant Leo is able to relieve this tension.

Compatibility of Leo and Scorpio in work

This couple is a great complement to each other.friend at work. If they team up and work together, success will not take long! The lion just sprinkles with different ideas, plans and ambitions, and Scorpio presents them on a saucer to his consumers, selling with a fabulous benefit for himself and Leo.

It is interesting that their life is in direct dependence on career. If everything is fine at home, then everything is fine at work, if at work troubles, then at home - world scandals!

scorpion sign lion

Sexual Compatibility of the Lion and the Scorpion

Very much like these two to visit sex shops ... Experiments in bed - their skate. And this is not surprising, because their sexual compatibility is close to ideal! The lion is a sensual lover, and Scorpio is energetic. They will never be bored with each other in bed, because there is always an initiator-Scorpio!

Sign Leo + sign Scorpio =?


Esoterically, this pair is considered incompatible,because they are both in the very center of the magic circle, which is not permissible for the conditions of coexistence. That's why their style of communication is a war, and their relationship is constantly on the boiling point! Emotions and, of course, ambitions come to the fore here. No other astrological couple can compare to sensual energy with the Lions and Scorpions!

who is stronger than a scorpion or a lion


This is a 100% marriage of convenience! The family situation between the Lions and the Scorpions, as a rule, is very confusing and incomprehensible. If the Lion is a man, then in the family there will be constant betrayals on his part, because a Scorpio woman will demand from her husband fidelity and love! At the same time, she will forgive him ... This will give her a lot of torment! In another version of the relationship (female Lion, and male Scorpio), family happiness is also not seen? The wife will be very demanding of her husband, pound him under the heel ...

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