With the onset of summer, many people go to rest onthe sea to sunbathe, to swim properly and enjoy a vacation. But not everyone has such an opportunity, so lucky for those who have their own plot or suburban dacha. In this case, you can make there an excellent recreation area. A wonderful solution will be to install a large swimming pool on the site, and near it to put a gazebo, a table and, of course, beds for a summer cottage. They will become simply an indispensable thing for a comfortable pastime. With them, the rest will be even more pleasant.

Plastic sun loungers

beds for plastic
Sunbeds, or chaise lounges (as they are also called),there are three types. Each of them is good in its own way. The most popular are the beds for plastic. They have light weight, are compact enough in transportation, because they can easily be folded. In addition, these sun beds are not very expensive. They can be bought in almost any store in which goods for a summer residence or rest are sold. In addition, these sunbeds will serve for a long time, because the plastic from which they are made, resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

sun loungers for summer cottages

Wooden sun loungers

Despite the advantages of plastic products,many choose wooden beds. They will be most comfortable, as they do not heat up in the sun. They are also more beautiful and interesting in design. Stopping the selection of such models can only price, because they are much more expensive than plastic products.

Aluminum sun loungers

Aluminum lounges for cottages will be even more convenient. They are strong enough, light and look very nice and elegant. Moreover, in strength they are in no way inferior to wood or plastic. They are resistant to moisture and sunlight. They are worth more than all others. But those people who buy them, are satisfied with the purchase, which not only pleases the eye, but it helps to have a good rest.

How to choose good sun loungers for summer cottages

sunbeds for sun beds
To date, the market offers variousoptions for sun beds for cottages. They vary in their type, color, size, material and price. When choosing them, you should pay attention to some details that will later help you relax in comfort. So, regardless of what the chaise lounge is made of, it is important from which kind of this material it is made. He must be strong to withstand heavy weight. Modern sun beds for cottages have several positions fixing the back. Adjusting it, based on your needs, you can relax on the deckchair even more comfortable. When choosing these products, you should pay attention first of all to those models that do not have sharp corners, especially if there are children in the house who will also rest on the sun loungers - after all the kids can get hurt. It is important to choose sun beds for the dacha so that they fit the size: to be comfortable lying on, they should not be too small or, conversely, too cumbersome. It will be nice to get a special mattress to the chaise-longue, and preferably a cover. This will cover his mattress for the time of bad weather, so that the material does not deteriorate.

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