Creation of furniture for a summer residence with own hands on the verybusiness is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Materials can be wood, metal, plastic, etc. Most often, garden furniture is made, in the role of which there are benches, a table and chairs.

We make a simple bench for giving

furniture for dacha own hands
If you do not have the skills of a professionaljoiner, then try to make the most simple bench without a back and decor. To do this, you need a thick planed board and two bases for it, which will serve as legs. It can be stones, chunks, pipes and everything that you can find. These parts must be firmly buried in the ground in the place where you want to install the bench. After that, you can put on top of the board and firmly nail it to the legs. Paint it in any color or varnish. Such wooden furniture for dacha with their own hands is made very simply and will last long enough.

We make a decorative bench for a summer residence

You can make some effort and make a decorative bench with back. For its manufacture, sawn along

wooden furniture for the dacha with their own hands
pieces of slabs - logs. They need to be sanded and burned with a blowtorch. Cover each part with antiseptic and varnish. While they are drying, install the supports from the logs. They must be placed in a horizontal position, after which attach the main elements of the bench, such as the seat and back. The original version will look like an option that uses not flat boards, but, for example, asymmetric or with bends. This will allow furniture for the dacha, made by hand, look original and emphasize the taste of its owners. To such a bench you can make a simple table, for which you also need several boards for the lid and a log for the leg. These elements will complement each other, with their help you can create a cozy zone for rest under the trees in the garden. The furniture from pine for a summer residence is the best. It will be strong and reliable.

Metal furniture with own hands

pine furniture for summer residence
If you do not want to make wooden furniture forgive, try to make metal. To produce it you will need thick steel tubes. Their diameter should be about 16-25 mm. Perfect for these purposes will suit the tube from the old cot. They need to pour in sand and slowly bend to the desired odds. After that, several tubes should be connected with metal bushings with bolts and nuts. As a result, the assembly of such furniture to give their own hands will get an original chair or even an armchair. It can be covered with waterproof varnish.


If you want the furniture to serve more than oneyear, choose strong new materials that will not spoil from moisture, wind and sun. When creating furniture for the dacha do not hurry with your own hands. Attention is important here. It is better to think it over and measure it several times, otherwise the result may not be exactly what you wanted. Material for country furniture choose, based on where it will be used. So, for the street it is better to pick up high-quality wood, and for a room plywood also fits.

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