With the onset of winter, some ownerscountry houses are thinking about buying a special snow-removing equipment. Yes, you can remove drifts with a shovel, but do not forget that the snow left from the back of the house, in the spring can cause flooding. And it is unlikely anyone will want to use a shovel on the territory of the whole plot and the area of ​​the house. That is why today we will talk about the varieties and features of snow-removing machinery.

snow-removing equipment for summer residence


At the moment, snow-removing equipment for cottages is classified into several types.

By drive type:

  • Self-propelled.
  • Non-movable.

By type of engine:

  • Petrol.
  • Electrical.

To understand the features of all machines, consider each type separately.

Nesamodvizhuyuschaya snow-removing equipment for cottages

The purchase of these devices is excellentsolution for owners of small areas. With the help of this technique, you can easily clear small areas of territory covered with snow. Such units are very cheap, at least, cheaper than all other devices in this list. However, in the absence of an engine, you will have to push this technique yourself (and after all its curb weight is about 35-40 kilograms), so if you are not allowed to exercise, it is better to purchase self-propelled vehicles.

Self-propelled machinery
snow-removing equipment for dachas

These devices hardly require an applicationany effort on your part. All machinery is driven by a powerful motor, you just have to guide it in the right direction. Self-propelled snow removal equipment for dachas ("Husqvarna" including) is great for cleaning larger areas. And it can cope even with icy and trampled snow, which can not be said about the first option. The snow-removing equipment for a summer residence can have the wheel or caterpillar drive. The latter is more cross-country, but it is less manoeuvrable.

Gasoline and electric devices
snow-removing machinery for summer cottages

As we have already noted, according to the type of establishedThe engine for snowblowers is divided into gasoline and electric. Consider the option of operating the first type of device. Gasoline technology has a high power and can cope with almost any amount of work. In addition, it does not depend on electrical cables and can process the territory at any distance and under any terrain. Electric snowploughing technology for dachas ("Honda" including) is completely dependent on the supply of electricity, so when working you have to constantly drag the cable, which then will need to be cleared of snow. By the way, at subzero temperatures the wire can lose its elasticity and simply break off. Well, when processing a section with a length of more than 50 meters, the use of such a technique is simply inadvisable, because further you will have to deal with unwinding and winding up a long "electric boa", which itself is worth a lot of money.

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