awning for summer residence
What could be more pleasant than a warm summer dayTo settle down on the country site, in a garden or on the nature in the company of pleasant people? Yes, there are only circumstances that can spoil such a wonderful pastime: in the spring or autumn - rain, in the summer - the scorching sun, and even bothersome insects try to try the contents of your plates. Enjoy the rest and avoid problems will help a special tent for the villa.

Choosing a canopy for summer residence

Purchasing a summer cottage, the buyer alwayshopes that the new thing will last for a long time, it will be easy to assemble and understand, and also will fully cope with the tasks assigned to it. For this to happen, you need to choose the right model.

awning for summer residence

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the sizes. Under the 2.5 mx 2.5 meters, a square plastic table with four chairs fits well. If you need to place something else there, increase the size accordingly. Tents can be either a place to accommodate a family or a small group, or the likeness of a banquet hall for celebrations in nature: birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. And they are also able to be useful in the farm: for example, a small tent for a summer residence will replace for a time a garage for a car or a shed for building materials.

Now choose a place on the site where you will beplace the tent. Estimate what form is more suitable for the general appearance of the yard or garden, how the most effectively used can be the space allocated for the canopy.

awnings for cheap houses
Decide on the purpose of the tent. If its main function is to protect people from the scorching sun, then it makes no sense to acquire a tight waterproof canopy. When you need awnings to give from the rain, the requirements for the material will be quite different. The product packaging must contain information from the manufacturer regarding the functions and purpose of each particular model. In the event that you are bored on the air by insects, give preference to the tents, equipped with mosquito nets. It will reliably protect the internal space from the intrusion of uninvited guests. In such a shelter, you can not only spend the daytime, but also spend the night. Sleep in the fresh air in summer is much more useful than in an air-conditioned room, especially for children.

Shed or tent installation

Install awning for the country is incomparably lighter,faster and more convenient than building a stationary building of the same dimensions. The most important difference, perhaps, is that a demountable tent can be put when it is needed, but as soon as the need for it disappears, dismantled and put away for storage. On the price and does not have anything to say: the construction will cost an order of magnitude more, especially since today you can buy any tents for giving inexpensively.

awnings for a summer residence from a rain
If the canopy does not have a metal frame, then itsinstallation is reduced to stretching the canvas between some supports: pillars, trees, etc. If the acquired design involves the construction of a base from the profile, then its assembly is performed in accordance with the instruction.

Awning for the dacha is an excellent alternative to a stationary gazebo. It reliably protects against the vicissitudes of the weather, and its original and attractive appearance will beautify the site.

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