The quality engineer is one of the key figures onenterprise. Often it depends on it, the products of the company will be successful or the first buyers will remain dissatisfied with the goods, and the company will become notorious. Naturally, such a responsible post can not be occupied by a person without special education or a certain length of service.

quality engineer
A simple quality engineer should have a higherprofile education. In this case, the requirement for length of service is not put forward, and also in the case when the vocational technical education in this industry and the length of service is at least 3 years. Engineers of the 1st and 2nd categories need to have a higher profile education and work experience in a lower position from three years.

The duties of such an employee include controlon the activities of various divisions of enterprises in order to prevent the release of defective products or the provision of substandard services. In addition, the person who occupies this position, has the responsibility to ensure the conformity of products (or services) with the requirements of technology and the level of requests of modern consumers. The engineer is responsible for maintaining the safety standards at the enterprise.

professional qualities of an engineer
But it would be foolish to suppose that a person,has a professional education and extensive work experience, performs only the functions of an automaton checking the product at the output. The quality engineer is involved in the development, further improvement and implementation of various enterprise systems, quality standards. He makes his recommendations to ensure that the products or services are constantly improving.

The quality control engineer must constantlyanalyze all stages of production in order to identify the reasons that can subsequently lead to the production of defective products, as well as make recommendations for the elimination of deficiencies in the work of units and exercise control over their implementation.

One of the most important duties of such aEngineer is the consideration of incoming complaints and claims to quality. After their arrival, he must draw up an opinion and conduct further correspondence with clients in order to settle the conflict that has arisen. Also, the quality engineer monitors incoming raw materials, materials, components to the enterprise. If he finds them not conforming to technical standards, he must file a claim with the supplier.

quality control engineer
It may seem that working withthe quality of products is devoid of creative moments and does not require constant self-improvement, but this is far from the case. The professional qualities of an engineer must constantly develop, in an ever-changing modern world it is important to be aware of the development of new technologies and to learn the experience of colleagues in the introduction of new standards and quality management systems.

Quality Control Specialist all the timeinteracts with other employees of the enterprise. In order to fulfill his duties well, he must understand well not only how different mechanisms work, but also the psychology of people, since the human factor is fundamental in the creation of any product, even in the most mechanized enterprise.

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