The profession of an engineer is considered very popularalmost in all branches of the national economy. This activity has many directions. It can be mechanics, oil workers, designers. Depending on the specialization, the engineer's salary may be different.


how much the engineer earns

The profession has many directions. How much the engineer earns depends on the specialization. In Russia, professionals have roughly the following income:

  • drilling specialists - 119,000 rubles;
  • oil industry workers - 100,000;
  • constructors - 100 000;
  • specialists of inclined drilling - 96 000;
  • drilling technology - 95 000;
  • geophysics - 65 000;
  • food processing technology - 60 000;
  • builders - 57,000;
  • chemists-technologists - 34 000.

Each sphere is in demand, since all specialties are needed in the national economy. Wages for all are different, depending on experience, type of enterprise, list of responsibilities.

So, the highest income for employeesresource-extracting industries. Low salaries for chemists, builders and food service technologists. Therefore, how much the engineer earns, still depends on the scope of the enterprise. The average income of specialists is 35-37 thousand rubles.

After graduation from each specialistthere is an opportunity for employment, since this profession is in demand in many industries. Moreover, with it there is a possibility of career growth, which guarantees an increase in incomes.

Salary level in Moscow

The salary of the engineer differs by regions of Russia. This is determined by the level of the subsistence minimum, the demand for the sphere and other factors. But, even in spite of the difference, the profession remains popular everywhere.

engineer salary

How much do engineers earn in Moscow? In the capital, the income of these specialists is the highest. Its average size is 48,000 rubles. In Tyumen and other oil and gas areas of the country, the average salary is 40,000 rubles.

To identify the average income,only specialization in mining, but also other areas. It is because of the fact that the salary of a technologist, builders and employees of the food industry in Moscow is higher, the overall level of income in the capital is higher. Although in Tyumen drilling professionals, designers and oil industry workers are considered the most paid.

Salary in other regions

How much does an engineer in St. Petersburg earn? The income of employees is within 40 000 rubles. In the northern capital, the level of salaries is higher than the average Russian. How much does an engineer earn in other regions? Profits of specialists are as follows:

  • 34,000 rubles - Khabarovsk;
  • 33 000 - Irkutsk;
  • 32 000 - Samara;
  • 30 000 - Nizhny Novgorod;
  • 29 000 - Novosibirsk.

how many engineers in Moscow earn

As can be seen from the statistics, behind Moscow,St. Petersburg and the oil and gas regions follows the Volga Federal District. This is due to the fact that it has developed infrastructure, and therefore it is considered promising.

Advantages of specialties

If we compare the profession with others, we can conclude that the engineer is a fairly high-paying job, besides, the profession is considered prestigious.

Nevertheless, before making a choice in favor ofspecialty, you need to consider that this work is very time-consuming. To perform it requires a lot of knowledge and a great responsibility, because it depends on the income of the enterprise and employees.

Salary of Chief Engineers

How much does the chief engineer earn? The average income of such a specialist in Moscow is 110,000 rubles, in St. Petersburg - 100,000, in Volgograd - 65,000, in Ekaterinburg - 85,000, in Krasnoyarsk-87,000. It should be borne in mind that workers with experience of 5 years . The compulsory requirements include the presence of higher education.

how much does the chief engineer earn

The employee should know well the SNiPs, GOSTs,Instructions, through which all activities are provided. The duty is to own modern software, engineering systems and management techniques. In the absence of work experience, applicants can claim a salary in the range of 60 - 80 thousand rubles.

A slightly higher income for employees with experience from 1of the year. Employers often choose applicants with implemented projects. Experience of the coordination of the created documentation in operational establishments is useful. The applicant for the position should be prepared for business trips. It is often necessary to have a personal car that will be used for working purposes.

Employees of large enterprises receive the highest income. Experts who previously ran a staff of 500 people are valued. The maximum income of such employees is 180,000 rubles.

Level of salary of a software engineer

The active development of the Internet has become the reason,that there was a shortage of various specialists in the labor market. The salary of software engineers is influenced by the availability of skills, work experience. The specialist must know the English language, programming languages. The availability of higher education is also important.

How much does a software engineer earn? The income of such an experienced specialist is 170,000 rubles. The more requirements for a candidate, the higher his income. It also depends on the tasks performed by the software engineer.

How much does the engineer earn?

There are many other directionstraining of engineers. It can be a builder, a technologist, a cadastre specialist, an electrical engineer, a machine builder, an oilman. Professionals are required in the railway and biomedical fields. All directions remain in demand always, therefore to find the person of any sphere will not be difficult. Moreover, in every field there is a prospect of career growth.

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