The most mass in highly skilled workis a profession engineer. More than a third of specialists in our country with a higher education are its representatives. They are involved in all spheres that produce material benefits for society: from indispensable foodstuffs and goods used in everyday life to the most complicated space rockets and computers.

Modern profession engineer assumesavailability of good knowledge in technology and technology, economy. Such a specialist is able to organize production, knows how to use specialized methods and solve problems, has a high culture and at the same time has the ability to invent and generate interesting ideas.

Certain tasks and requirements for this post can be defined for each group. Conditionally, this profession is divided into several categories:

  • the economist - is engaged in the analysis of economic activity, plans possible ways of achievement of the best economic results;
  • designer - develops equipment, instruments, mechanisms, etc .;
  • the technologist - his activity consists in the process of manufacturing, processing of products and products;
  • mechanic - in addition to design, constructionand operation of mechanisms, performs adjustment and installation, tests, maintains and analyzes all stages of work of technological processes and systems of complex automation and mechanization.

These are just a few branches of this many-sided specialty.

Occupation engineer requires certain personalqualities. Attraction to technique, in-depth analysis and the mathematical structure of the mind is encouraged. This is an important condition for successful work. A few more important indicators are a guarantee of professionalism in this area: spatial imagination, technical thinking, observation and, of course, abilities. The engineer's work includes great creative potential. This is, first of all, the manifestation of independence, the ability to make literate, balanced and deliberate decisions.

A profession engineer is a mandatory initiative,fresh ideas and an individual approach to solving problems. Often, he can act as a leader in the team. It requires an organizational vein. Obligatory requirements are the responsibility for rational use of labor, involved funds and technical means.

Analysts, theorists with specialapplied knowledge - these are specialists whose profession is a mechanical engineer. These people are always in demand, especially in our high-tech time. Their duties include not only the ability to create new devices, but also to provide their product with a well-deserved promotion and niche in the market. The machine-building industry, in which many citizens, whose profession is a mechanical engineer, requires a specialist to make large intellectual expenses. This is a very voluminous activity covering many areas. It can cause an explosion of emotions in society, when there is a presentation of new perfect gadgets that make the life of modern man more comfortable.

The profession of a process engineer is a binderlink between the production process and the quality of the original product. Pharmaceutical, food, light and other industrial enterprises, design organizations - nowhere to do without qualified personnel of this specialty. Develop a technological process, a regime or route map, methods of control and testing, plans for organizing workplaces, calculate production capacities - all this is done by an employee whose profession is a process engineer. In addition, they are used to determine very important technical norms for the consumption of raw materials, energy, materials, and the economic efficiency of all technological processes. They participate in the development and implementation of new processes in production. Analyze the causes of marriage or develop measures to eliminate - this is also part of the responsibilities of employees with specialization in engineering.

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