Today it is rare to meet men withouttattoos. And many girls liked to decorate themselves in this way. But the importance of tattoos for men is much more important than the very content and beauty of the picture. Drawings on the body should only be done by an experienced artist, especially if the tattoo is meaningful and carries information, because one wrong touch, perhaps, will speak about something else.

importance of tattoos for men

Tattoos in ancient times

The importance of tattoos for men and women in ancienttribes was special, so the whole life of man on his body was written. Then almost every centimeter of skin was painted throughout the life. In content, the presence of flowers and plants, the number of loops and rings, and in general to different symbols, it was possible to learn everything about a person. Is he married, married, how many children he has, how many of them have died. How many wild animals brought and how many enemies won. The very account of a child in the family and from what class (the family leader or an ordinary resident of the community). Special symbols protected from evil spirits.

Tattoos made in the army

Expected children most often come from the army withtattooing. Military tattoos and their implications for men are very important. Especially those who fought in hot spots. Such drawings contain information about where the guy served or fought, in which position. To apply the tattoo is allowed only experienced soldiers, but the recruits will be able to afford it only after the time has elapsed. The desire of a fighter to make a tattoo is explained not by showing his steepness. Drawings fighters put on the body, because they are afraid to remain unidentified, if they suddenly kill in battle. And the tattoo will tell everything.

tattoos and their implications for men

Criminal tattoos

In the old days of convicts and criminalsdistinguished by special tattoos, which were done by force. Nobody wanted everyone to know about the atrocities committed. At the present time, the value of tattoos for men associated with the underworld has a direct relationship to all future life. Nakola tells others what the status of a person in the world of criminals is, what crime he committed. Also, the drawings show how many years the person spent in places of deprivation of liberty and in which zones. For example, the number of rings is equal to the number of convictions. Sun rays - every year spent in prison, domes also mean years. In a criminal world, a tattoo should be deserved. As a sign of difference or, on the contrary, shame. Ordinary, at first glance, put on the body of the phrase carry a completely different meaning and information. The importance of tattoos for male criminals is very important, because it describes its entire history.

tattoos for men on hand value

Tattoos for men on the arm. Value

In the modern fashion world, everything is very oftentry to emphasize their individuality, putting on the skin drawings. Girls do tattoos mostly on their feet to emphasize their beauty. Men prefer drawings on their back and hands. So, putting on the shoulder of a tattoo, you can show your good form, masculinity. It is on the shoulders of tattoos carry a hidden meaning, which if necessary can be hidden under a T-shirt. On the forearm, the tattoo is applied for decoration. Here you can fill some personal motto or picture that expresses the nature of the character. Tattoos on the elbow are caused by people with a high pain threshold, since the skin there is thin. On the elbows, the drawing should draw attention to its owner. Most often these are people who are not well-integrated or have low self-esteem. Bracelets are punctured on the wrist. Brushes are often used by criminals to apply rings. But in the modern world, the values ​​of tattoos are almost not relevant, because young people think about beauty, and not about meaning.

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