If you believe statistics, then about fiftypercent of people who have made themselves tattoos, want to remove them. If there are any unwanted images on your body, you can use the "tattoo removal" service, the price of which will depend on the number of sessions.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a new service,time of which the pigments of the pattern are destroyed by different types of lasers without special side effects. Types of lasers depend directly on the color of the pigment. So, for example, the black pigment is removed most easily.

Removal of tattoos using a laser has its ownadvantages. First, the old methods led to nightmarish scars, which looked times worse than the tattoos themselves. Laser removal will make this procedure with the least loss for skin and body beauty. Scars can remain, but, as a rule, it does not happen so often, in addition, they become hardly noticeable. In most cases, the removal of the tattoo is accompanied by its complete disappearance, and the scars come off in about a week or two.

The second advantage is that evenif you used to remove the tattoo in a "grandfather" way, then the laser procedure can be repeated. But even here there are "buts": if the previous removal of tattoos led to the formation of too large and deep scars, then the laser can be less effective.

removal of tattoos

Laser tattoo removal in the process

The removal of tattoos depends on the size and color. The specialist will determine the optimal number of sessions, which will reduce the packed image. Strictly speaking, the removal of the image from the skin surface is considered a medical cosmetic procedure, although it is not covered by insurance (except in cases where tattooing is recommended not for cosmetic purposes, but in medical ones). Treatment will depend on the type, size, age of the tattoo, skin color, the depth of the pigment itself of the tattoo.

During the procedure the patient is compulsorymust wear a protective device over the eyes. After that, the skin reaction to the laser, which is needed to determine the most effective voltage, should follow. Next, the device is placed on the surface of the skin, the tattoo removal lasers are activated, and the removal process begins.

Adverse Events

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In any case, even a small and simpletattooing will require several sessions for full and effective removal without massive side effects. Nevertheless, the risk is always present: there is a danger of infection, not completely remove the pigment, leave the scars on the place of the tattoo, and in the places of cosmetic tattoo may appear temporary darkening.

If we talk about security, then in comparison withBy most alternative methods, laser tattoo removal therapy is the safest in terms of the risk of harm to the exterior and health. But to clarify all the issues and nuances that arise, you must necessarily visit the office of the profile doctor.

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