We all know a mushroom that has a bright redThe color of the cap, which is strewn with a large number of white spots. It's a fly agaric. Under the shiny bright skin is the flesh of orange, yellowish or white, odorless, sweet to taste. In the upper part of the foot of the fungus is a hanging ring. It has a white color. You can meet fly agarics in all regions of Russia, but they give the basic preference to sour soils and forest edges. These mushrooms grow on firs and birches.

fly agaric red medicinal properties

As is known, the fly agaric is very toxic, but it also has useful properties. Healing qualities of the fungus have been used since time immemorial in folk medicine.

Amanita muscaria is red, the medicinal properties of whichfind their application and at present, is capable of producing a stimulating, analgesic, anti-cancer and analgesic effect. It is often recommended to use the mushroom as a relaxing pain and an antispasmodic agent in the treatment of rheumatism and tumors. It is also effective in removing nervous tension.

Amanita muscaria is red, the medicinal properties of whichallow you to take it to relieve the symptoms of menopause, can restore vital energy and rejuvenate the entire body. The fungus is useful for neuroses and tuberculosis, as well as for spasmodic phenomena in the bladder and intestines.

therapeutic properties of fly agaric
The therapeutic properties of muscaria red are usedwhen manufacturing many medications. But it is worth remembering that their reception is possible only under the supervision of a specialist. But the external application of mushroom, which provides an excellent therapeutic effect, does not have special limitations. Healing mushroom is often used to accelerate the healing of wounds. For the preparation of medicinal means are taken fresh fly agaric. From them hats come off, which are then thoroughly kneaded. The finished drug is grafted with a gauze cloth to the wound. Healing begins in a couple of hours.

Amanita muscaria is red, the medicinal properties of whichallow it to be used as a healing agent for paralysis and sclerosis, it is recommended to eliminate inadequate human behavior. Eliminates the fungus from bloating and from a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, from the formation of excess gases in the digestive tract. Recommend it and to eliminate diarrhea and constipation. Applies its use of fly agaric in the painful course of the menstrual cycle and with impotence, as well as with irritation of the organs of the genital sphere.

tincture of muscular red
Amanita muscaria is red, the medicinal properties of whichallow to improve vision, it is recommended for the treatment of conjunctivitis, inflammatory processes of the edge of the eyelids, with cataracts and myopia. Folk doctors recommend a fungus to eliminate in the eyes of flies. Preparations from the fly agaric eliminate pain and itching in the ears. They also help with tumors of the auricles. It is recommended that the fungus be used to remove dental pain, eructations, excessive salivation, an unpleasant odor from the mouth and stabbing pain in the heart.

For the treatment of various ailments, ointments andtincture based on fly agaric. Often recommend and a real juice of a healing mushroom. The most commonly used tincture of mushroom red. It is recommended for grinding, compresses and bandages. To make it, crushed mushrooms are placed in a cool place for a three-day period. Then they are stacked in a glass jar, filling it not up to the top, and pour vodka. The closed container should stand for fourteen days in a dark place. It is necessary to store the received product no more than three years.

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