Sabelnik swamp is a perennialhalf-shrub of the family Rosaceae. It has long creeping rhizomes and a raised wooden stalk. Leaves of the plant are odd-pinnate, oblong, oval in shape with teeth, pubescent from below. Flowers have a regular form of saber,

Sabelnik medicinal properties
dark red color. The plant can be found in the forest zone, forest-steppe and tundra in swamps, on the outskirts of lakes, on the banks of rivers. The half-shrub has a name corresponding to the shape of its leaves and shoots, which resemble a saber with its appearance.

The plant contains a large number offlavonoids and tannins, resins, essential oils, organic acids and anthocyanins. That is why it has medicinal properties. It refers to the group of plants called "adaptogens" and is able to help the human body adapt to certain conditions. With the help of experiments it was established that the medicinal properties of the swampy saber are due to the anticoagulant activity of its constituents.

As a curative this plant is famous withancient times. Mention of the semi-shrub appeared in the 17th century in the legends of the inhabitants of Lapland. Sabelnik, whose medicinal properties are manifested in the form of biological stimulation, was used in times of polar dark nights in the form of tea. The stems and leaves of the plant contain a mass of trace elements, such as copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, a large amount of vitamin C.

Widespread use in folk medicine was grass sabelnik. The healing properties of the plant are transmitted to the human body with the help of decoctions and infusions from it in the following diseases and

Grass sabelnik medicinal properties
They are:

- arthrosis;

- rheumatism;

- osteochondrosis;

- radiculitis;

- stomach pains;


- disorders of the intestines and stomach;

- influenza;

- liver disease;

- cancer of the stomach or mammary glands;

- tuberculosis;

- thrombophlebitis;

- hypotension;

- cholecystitis.

The plant helps to get rid of sore throats. For this

Therapeutic properties of the swamp saber
rinsing of the throat with broth rhizomes. In the same way, you can alleviate the condition of the patient with toothache, loosening of the gums. Sabelnik, the medicinal properties of which are manifested in the form of antiseptic action, are crushed in the form of wounds that fester.

Most of the healing power of the plant is enclosedin its woody rhizomes. They lie in the soil of the marshes, forming a plexus with long mustaches, the length of which reaches several meters. Such a "cushion" of rhizomes can withstand human weight. When circumcising the mustache of the saber, it should be remembered that the plant is firmly anchored in the ecosystem of the swamp. For this reason, to prevent detrimental consequences, excessive collection of rhizomes should be avoided in one place.

Sabelnik, the medicinal properties of which are enclosed andin its aerial part, is often used for the preparation of medicinal preparations completely. In this case, each part of it has certain conditions for collection. This is the season of the year, and the specific days of the lunar calendar, and the place of growth.

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