Treatment of gastroduodenitis should be performed onfor a long period. This is due to the need to normalize the diet. In addition, the treatment of gastroduodenitis is carried out together with the elimination of concomitant pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

Therapeutic events begin with the appointment of a diet. Observe it is necessary, otherwise chronic gastroduodenitis will develop, the treatment of which can become very difficult.

Patients are recommended to include the following foods in the diet:

- vegetable soups with cereals;

- lean meat and ham, chopped, steamed meat, patties without crust, fish (boiled);

- vegetable and fruit juices, raw (or boiled) fruits and vegetables;

- non-acidic cottage cheese, milk or kefir (if the body tolerates), cheese is mild, butter;

- porridge buckwheat, rice, semolina (the first two are recommended to grind);

- Soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

Greater use should be made of vegetabledishes and cereals. When adding vegetables or cereals to the soup, they should be grinded. Of the drinks allowed tea, cocoa on the water, not strong coffee. Some kinds of bakery products are allowed. These include rusks, stale white or gray bread. Allowed a small amount of sugar. Salt in the diet should be limited (allowed twelve to fifteen grams per day). Use food should be at least five times a day in small portions. The following rules are mandatory for execution:

- thoroughly chew food;

- Use dishes should be warm.

Treatment of gastroduodenitis with medicines or herbs should be combined with the intake of vitamins. Of particular importance are vitamins B1, C, B2, PP.

When identifying Helicobacter pylori infectiontreatment of gastroduodenitis will be carried out with antibiotics. If an increased acidity is detected, inhibitors (antisecretory drugs) that suppress acid secretion for a long time will be prescribed. To get rid of heartburn, antacids are used (Almagel, Phosphalugel and others). It should be noted that self-medication at home using soda can lead to the opposite effect. Often as a result of this effect, acidity increases.

Treatment of chronic gastroduodenitis can last up to two years. While the acute form of the disease can be eliminated in a relatively short period of time.

Chronic gastroduodenitis is a pathologycyclic. To eliminate it, you need to follow a certain scheme. Mandatory in this case is a weekly bed rest, diet. After this, a therapeutic course is assigned, which is fixed in a sanatorium.

In folk medicine, there are recipes that make it easier to get rid of gastroduodenitis.

  1. Collection of St. John's wort, chamomile, yarrow,celandine in a proportion of 2: 2: 2: 1 in the amount of one spoon (canteen) is poured a glass of boiling water. Stirred mixture in a water bath for fifteen minutes. A quarter of a glass of this infusion is taken daily before eating.
  2. Mix the same parts of the roots of the calamus, peelorange, herbs of a thousand-thousandth, grass of wormwood, grind. Boil water (500 ml) pour the collection (two table spoons). You can pour in a container, and then pour into a thermos, you can immediately pour in a thermos, insist until morning. Take up to a meal a quarter of a glass three (or better four) times a day. The treatment course lasts for a month and a half.
  3. Take half a glass of fruits of viburnum and pour them with water(three liters). After placing on a fire, bring to a near boil. Turn off, leave to infuse under the lid for 24 hours. After this time, add the crushed mushroom (chaga), put the mixture in the refrigerator for two days. In the strained mixture is added the juice of aloe and honey. An infusion is taken before meals three times a day for half a cup. All ingredients must be taken in the same parts.

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