Therapeutic treatment of peptic ulcer should be complex, differentiated taking into account all factors that cause the development of the disease, the mechanism of its development, the localization of ulcers and complications.

During the peptic ulcer disease exacerbationspend in the hospital until complete scarring of the ulcer. After inpatient treatment, the patient is prescribed a course of outpatient therapy for three months, since during this whole time the gastroduodenitis associated with the disease remains.

Treatment of peptic ulcer includes:

- health food

- elimination of all causes contributing to the development of relapse

- drug therapy

- Physiotherapy.

Diet for peptic ulcer disease should containthe physiological norm of nutrients, as well as vitamins and microelements. In the phase of exacerbation of the disease should adhere to the principle of shading the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, protection from chemical, mechanical and thermal factors.

Drug treatment of peptic ulcer

Number of drugs used to treatpeptic ulcer, reaches one thousand names. Selection of adequate drugs for the treatment of patients is determined by many criteria, which include the localization of ulcers, the severity of symptoms of concomitant gastroduodenitis, the severity of recurrence and course of the disease, concomitant pathology.

The purpose of drug therapy has the following objectives:

- suppression of excessive synthesis of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes or their neutralization

- normalization of gastric motility

- Increased production of protective mucus and alkaline secretion

- stimulation of restorative processes in the mucosa and elimination of inflammatory and dystrophic processes in it.

In the treatment of patients with peptic ulcer it is necessaryprescribe double, triple or even more intense antihelikobakternuyu therapy. The most effective drug to combat H. pylori infection is a "De-Nol" in combination with "omeprazole" H2 histamine receptor blockers which reduce gastric acidity. This creates conditions for rational therapy with other antimicrobial drugs - Amoxycycline and Clarithromycin.

To reduce the aggressiveness of the acidity of gastric juice antacids and adsorbents are used. For this purpose, prescribe soluble and insoluble antacids.

Stimulation of regenerative processes andhealing ulcerative defect in the mucosa is achieved by the appointment of drugs that affect tissue metabolism. For this, vitamin preparations, biogenic stimulants, "Oxygenferrocoron sodium", "Metronidazole" are used.

Treatment of peptic ulcer physiotherapymethods are prescribed during the period of aggravation of the exacerbation of the disease in uncomplicated course and complete exclusion of symptoms of latent bleeding. Physiotherapy consists of thermal procedures in the form of paraffin or ozocerite applications, hyperbaric oxygenation, laser irradiation of the ulcer through a fibrogastroscope.

In the stage of remission, it is necessary:

- complete exclusion of etiological factors

- compliance with a sparing diet

- mode of work and rest

- Spa treatment

- medical supervision of the patient at the place of residence.

Thus, if a ulcer is diagnosedstomach disease, treatment of this disease is not limited to taking medications only. The use of various therapeutic methods prevents the progression of the disease and the development of complications. A peptic ulcer, the treatment of which is carried out in full, does not require surgical intervention, which is inevitable in the development of complications.

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